Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Rough Event Caricaturist List in Singapore from my memory

In 1992-1995 (rough memories) , artist who do caricature in event as I remembers like Eienstien, Eric Ng, Saik, then follow by Poon, and Desmond, may be Pak Ah Bee from Clark Quay as well.

Eienstien was the pioneer artist who do caricature in Singapore.
Then followed by Eric Ng, had been doing caricature for events and also doing he caricature at Orchard Point.

Eienstein was running his own company and doing TV productions now. Eric Ng, was not so active in recent years and had been emphasze in his own business..

1996 onwards, numbers of caricaturist increased, included Zaki, Yunos (both of them could be already doing caricature in earlier years), then followed by Diana and Belle Kwan.

Thought one of the full-time portrait artist, Chong Jit Leong of Portrait Workshop had been doing caricature for events as well during this period, I did not know him at that time, only heard about him, then artist doing portrait and caricature drawing at Clark Quay.

Another full-time portrait artist, Pak Ah Bee from Clark Quay as well, doing caricature drawing or portrait for events.

Followed by another full time portrait artist Reggie Wan of Portrait Studio, joined the event caricaturist industry, if not wrong, should be around 1997 or 1998.

Then another guy who very aggressive that like to promote himself, Lawrence. He had went to United State for his study since 2002 (if not wrong)

Wilson Lee, the artist I met about 1998 was doing event as well, then follow by William Lee that I met about 2002.

Up to 2003, that will be about 10 caricaturist (including me) in the event industry, maybe few more people that I does not know.

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