Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another event with make-up

I thought I do not want to try any job with make-up any more, but last year-end had a Christmas series job, the event company hired some professional make-up artists to do it for their entire artist.

It was fun and excited! I met lots different artist like contortionists, mime, balloonists, magicians, foreign fashion models as well behind the stage! We are different from the public; at least this time my feeling was very different!

Ziv was the one who do the make-up for me; she’s the head of the make-up teams! She’s pretty and sexy!!! Please make sure to arrange such make-up artist for me for every event ok! Heehee! Thought my 'Uncle face' need professional make-up artist to handle lah.

Taken this picture while Ziv’s assistants doing make up for the contortionist.

Ziv was doing the final checking and additional make-up for her.

She’s the one! So beautiful! I should sing: “Your beautiful, your beautiful….”
Unforturnately did not get her contact. Ouch!

Met Vivien in the event! She was very beautiful as well! She had a very handsome and tall boyfriend!

Our tarot card fortune teller Kathy.

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