Saturday, September 6, 2008

Event booking during Mid Autumn Celebration

Due to Mid Autumn Festival Celebration is Chinese Event, the event activities for fringe art booking during this period usually are Chinese lantern making demo, dough figurine demo, fortune telling, Chinese calligraphy and related Chinese culture related items.

Talking about great calligraphy, I prefer Dorby Yip and Angela (his wife), Mr Yong Cheong Thye (

Talking about rainbow calligraphy, I think the only best one is Dorby Yip and Angela, you can found them at DFS Orchard Singapore, or Chinatown. I know them many years, they were from Hong Kong, many china artists was tried to copy their calligraphy art style, but none of them was successful so far.There were lots more calligrapher around of course, but they are the most popular that with high standard.

I like Mr Lee Kim Kuan’s calligraphy as well, his calligraphy usually in big size and written in a very creative way.The rest of the popular local calligrapher hired by event companies including Mdm Tang, Margaret, Edwin’s father (From Pho Leng Liondance), Mr Lee Boon Chye and etc.

There were few hot day I known was 12th sep, 13th sep and 14th sep, which is the main event date for Chinese’s ‘Mid Autumn Festival’. I had been hired as fortune teller, caricaturist and also doing silhouette cutting in these three different days for different events.

That’s lots more Chinese item for event activities’ fringe arts, will be post it in future.
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