Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Branded Moon Cake Legend in Singapore: 大中国月饼

Passing by Chinatown during this ‘Mid-autumn Festival’ period, you can see a long queue of people buying the moon cake made by ”大中国饼家” (I translate it as “Big-China Bakery”) I think they are the oldest shop which made moon cake in Singapore, in elder people’s mind, once you mentioned ‘Mid Autumn Festival’ in their mind immediately pop-up the scene of this shop! Hence, elder people mostly insist to buy moon cake from this shop!Not because of many other branded moon cake not good, but ”大中国月饼” is the longest and most well-known.There was a booth rented nearby Chinatown selling the same branded moon cake, but lack of customer, because most people worried they are the ‘pirated’ fake branded! Seems people only preferable to buy the moon cake at the shop no matter how long they need to wait!
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