Monday, September 22, 2008

World’s First F1 Night Race in Singapore

Time fly as arrow, few more days later, Formula One or F1 race will be held in Singapore. According the media, the nearby hotels had been fully booked few days ago, the rate had been up to S$2k-S$3k plus per night, and must be stay in the hotel minimum 3-5 daysMany related retail shops had been trying their best to sell their products which tied with the F1 events.
You can see poster which about F1 event every way like bus station, MRT etc. Besides hearing the virtual pc game of F1 race sound from my neighbors, I can hear people chatting about it in the bus, in the MRT and almost everyway; it was really a big event in Singapore, the first time of the F1 race and also the world’s first time’s race in Singapore.

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