Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Event

Did 2 events today for two places during these few climax day of the seasonal “Mid Autumns Festival Celebrations”. Completed the Palmistry introduction at Limbang Shopping Centre at 6.45pm, then quickly rush to Senja Road Blk 630, Park area for another caricature booking at 7.00pm! That really ‘Kan Cheong’ (nervous) for me because as an event artist, never been allowed to be late! Luckily I managed to make it.! Phew!The event at Senja Blk 630 was quiet fun, the residence down there was friendly as I met in past events at this place, that was really great! In this event, the happier peoples were the children, they really enjoy carrying the lanterns and doing the candles lighting!So do the adults!My caricature ‘booth’ was always long queue! No chance for me to think about a relaxing job, haahaa!That was great to met Wong’s Dragon Bead Candy in the event as well.


Gi said...

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What an interesting work you do! I just browsed through your blogs + webpage and really enjoyed them.

diablesa said...

hola, muy interesante tu blog, lo siento no se ingles.

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Success for you..

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