Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More and more Color Caricature Drawing Request

I seldom do color caricature drawing, because I am not an aggressive people, also do not like to crash or so call undercut other people’s business. I seldom draw caricature in marker although I had learned marker drawing in Nanyang Academy of Fine Art long time ago. I don’t think just do one or two pieces of color drawing per month can became ‘undercut’ other artist who running a shop doing caricature and portrait drawing closing down due to poor business.
I still think Chong Jit Loeng of and Kamal Dollah of are the best.

I belonging to lazy type, means to draw one caricature, I will usually in such sequence: sketch - go for lunch or dinner- have a short sleep - continuing draw or coloring – eat something then continue to complete the drawing; haahaa!

Hopefully working such ‘lazy style’ should not caused somebody’s shop closing down.

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