Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time for Filling Income Tax

I was too lazy to tidy up my income and expenses records during the last second half year of 2009, and now I really struggling doing my account for the income tax e-filing. Ouchi!Anyway, compare with the first time doing my income tax filling in 1992, which was really many times easier nowadays! I remember during that period, I have to go to CPF Board to get my CPF yearly report print, and then stack with the related documents and insert in a standard envelop (you have to follow the sequence as per instruction) to mail it to the related department, after a painful filling. Haahaa!
Basically I love to go CPF Building at Robinson road, during that period, whenever I go to CPF building, I always like to have my lunch at the canteen there, if not wrong that should be 17th floor.

I really feel great being there because it really having a perfect view from the 17th floor canteen while I taking my lunch! Moreover in 1992, not much high building at that area! Of course due to nowadays tight security reason, I guess either the canteen no longer exist or only restricted for their internal staffs only.

No matter how, that was a great memory to me.
...and Ouchi! I continue struggling doing my account and have to submit my filing before the deadline of 15th April 2010.

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