Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Calligraphy

Just tidy up my room and found these A4 size calligraphy given by a young calligrapher during Chinese New Year event.I found his work was amazing, he just write the word within a second! I like his attitude and while work as a Chinese Calligrapher, he worn a proper Chinese traditional costume.

After chit chat with him and I found he is not a local artist, and his full time job is an engineer! Whao!

I did came across few good foreign calligrapher during Chinese New Year events, most of them have proper attire and great artworks like him.

I did came across local seniors calligraphers during Chinese New year events as well, unfortunately almost all of them just worn normal shirt while they doing Chinese Calligraphy demo during in the event , moreover is during Chinese New Year period! I guess this is the main reason they lost competitive ability with the young and right attitude foreign talents.

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