Monday, March 8, 2010

Local Skillful and Talented Event Artists that I Came Across (II)

I had came across few local senior (especially those aged above 50s) and skillful artists that complaint foreign artists had take over their jobs and caused them having poor event job bookings.

Hence, I had tried my best to introduce them to whom asking for the related items for the relevant events; I did not do and mark-up or commission in the whole process, I just try making them happier due to they having more jobs and able to gain higher chances to let the public knows their great artworks and so ford.

I was quite happy that May Toh’s Dough Figurine demo cum Workshop for events activities having good feedback from many event companies. Clients was happy about her smiling friendly attitude and able to give away certain amount of samples to the guests who interested on her Dough Figurine Making. The great thing was May Toh was a really skillful dough figurine master, a Singaporean Chinese Dough Figurine professional that really having international standard.

There are definitely having few more highly skill Singaporean dough figurine experts around. Unfortunately one of the experts that I highly respected and had been putting lots efforts in recommend her to event companies, had been getting many undesirable comments which according the feedback from event companies, she only allow to give one or few pieces of samples to the guests in her demonstration and the most worst thing was she getting unfriendly face or ‘Black’ (attitude) face during the whole event. If was quite sad that I unsuccessful to help her to promote her very very fantastic artworks to the world. She is a real skillful Singaporean great artist, thought it might be her conservative thinking and unable to open her heart to the world (正所谓“放开心怀,舍得即是”,“生不带来,死不带去“,得失看得太重,纵是再才华横溢仍无法让天下人皆知,岂不遗憾?), that was a waste; yet her attitude caused her phase out of the market.

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