Monday, March 8, 2010

Local Skillful and Talented Event Artists that I Came Across (I)

Talking about local talented event artists, there are many peoples.
Due to the globalization, it increased the competitive levels in various industries.
The main industry which I working in ---- the event & entertainment industry, had been having some changes as well.
Due to having many new immigrants in Singapore, you can see many new talents and new entertaining items appear in various events within about recent of 4-5 years.

Some new or old items that became popular gradually that I had come across recent years, mainly belonging tradition China items that including: Chinese Dough Figurine (面人), Chinese Paper Cutting (剪纸), Rainbow Calligraphy (彩虹书法/ 龙凤书法/ 七彩书法), Chinese Art & Crafts (Chinese Knotting 中国结, Chinese Ang Bao Lantern Making 红包灯笼), and recently so many people was looking for Chinese Malt Candy (造型麦芽糖) which made in various design especially emphasize in the Chinese Zodiac design (as I know, we can’t find any local artist able to provide this item yet so far).I did came across some local talents can do some of the mentioned above items in a very high standard (much better than some of the present new immigrant in the event industry, especially some of those local artists, means Singaporean senior artists whose aged above 50s and in the industries for at least 20 years).

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