Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Some Food Review

When few places to get few things done today, just write some review about the food I ate today.
This western food stall at Ang Mo Kio Center hawker center was one of the popular stall. I found the taste was great and the size of the food was great with the price their charge, their serving was consider fast as well, thought that was the reasons they having good business.
Passing by Redhill area, I thought try some light taste simple food. Unfortunately this light tasted and simple $3 ‘Seafood Misiam’ was very salty to me! I unable to take the food in such salty level! Although visually it looks ok but it consider bad food to me.I ordered this mixed rice, seems quite ok to me. It including Curry chicken, a tou hu, and omelet egg, cost $4, considered a little expensive to me in his hawker center.Went Lavender area, the hawker center near Jalan Besar stadium and ate this ‘Chinese Dumpling Ramen’ which made by the China Chef on the spot in front you. I made a right choice! This $4 (some more in big sized)‘Chinese Dumpling Ramen’ taste nice and the dumpling was tasted great to me!

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