Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taxi Driver which does not know the road name!

That was quiet frustrated that today about 3.05pm I wanted to take a taxi to Singapore Island Country Club Singapore for a meeting at the taxi stand that just next to Ang Mo Kio MRT.

I saw there are at least 5 taxis queuing at this taxi stand.
When I sit into this taxi (vehicle number SH something and follow by the number 6024 and some alphabetical) and I told him I wanted to go Singapore Island Country Club, this Chinese old man about 60+ told me he did not know the place, so he do not go there! He waive his hand (means don’t do me business) even I try to pass my street directory map to him.I hate this type of unprofessional taxi driver!
So I get out of this taxi and try to copy down his number, he quickly drive a way so I can’t really copy down the full detail of his vehicle number.

When I go into the taxi behind him, this Chinese taxi driver who in his 60+ driver also trying to do the same thing to me but he stopped it after he remember he saw me copied down the taxi number in front him just now.

So he got no choice have to fetch me to the destination indicated by me.
Of course, I really past the street directory map to him for reference.

I hardly understand that why so many taxi drivers don’t know how to go to many roads and as a taxi driver, most of them not even has a street directory which cost Singapore dollar $12.90 including GST?Maybe I am the only passenger in this small country who facing this problem?

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