Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Art of Control the Crowd III

Through controlling of the queue, you can see many kinds of peoples; like their attitude, the way their reactions…..and their ‘Creativities’.

As a professional event artist, I always try my best to draw as much caricature as possible and try maintain the best quality within such time frame as I can.

In some type of events (usually in companies’ family days) , if there are 10 peoples in your queue, it doesn’t means there are really having 10 peoples queuing for your drawing, it could be multiple of the amount!

What I mean is: while I think this lady is the next person to be drawn in my queue, she does not sit down but will waive her hands and get both of her sons and husband cut the queue to sit down and get drawn instead!Based on this scenario, if one person queuing for 2 family members, you are going to draw 30 persons even though there are only 10 persons in the queue. That is the unexpected circumstances you need to handle.

Of course, people come to family day is to enjoy, there are many free gifts can be taken home and everyone just wanted to ensure each of their family members having the gifts, that is understood.

Unfortunately, we, the entertainers in-charged of producing free gifts might not able to fulfill every single guest’s need due to ensure the event running smoothly within the event’s time frame.

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