Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Local Talented Artists

Met some senior art and crafts artists recently and complained to me that they hardly get booking from the event company for recent years, most of them realised those new immigrant foreign talents were under cutting them, I am sorry to say, I can’t help much for this.

This is because I found that some of these them really talented art and crafts originally local (Singaporean) artists who are in their 60s and above (calligrapher, dough figurine experts etc), I respected and salute their skills without any doubt, I ever tried my best helping them and promote their talents to event companies; unfortunately, they either unable to communicate with the related event companies or either do their art and craft demo in an old generation way during the event, means that they do not even wanted to communicated to the publics.

Sad to say, if they do not change their attitude and their thinking, they will be replaced by the new immigrant talent since not much local young people willing to learn such unique skills.

They will not qualify to complaint anything since they can’t change themselves to meet the realistic world; that was really wasted, thus, nobody know Singapore having such great local talents existing.

What a pity for these group of senior artist whose try their best to hide their skill after putting huge effort and time to learn and develop their special skills.

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