Friday, October 16, 2009

The Art of Control the Crowd II

Why need crowd control? We need to ensure we are not over work during the booking hour(s), the event organisers also might need to ensure the crowd proceed to the next stage (like getting every guests seated to pay their respect and attention to the related persons’ speech eg. the chairman giving speech the guests.)

This also ensures the rest of the planned programme to be running smoothly, for example, in the dinner and dance, usually the fringe activities start from 6.30pm – 7.30pm, the guests need to be seated in the ballroom by 7.45pm and then the dancers do the opening dance from 7.45pm till 8.00pm and follow by the chairman’s speech etc, every scheduled programming have to be execute in time!
Especially during the peak period of company dinner and dance like November and December, many entertainers having tight schedules (like those dancers, magicians, Chinese opera mask changing performance, vocalists, models etc. needed to rush to another place to do their performance.) hence any delay will cause the relevant schedule go hair wired, either the event organisers or the entertainers themselves.

Imaging you supposed performance your belly dancing 8pm till 8.30pm at hotel A and your next performance will be at hotel B from 9.15pm-9.45pm, you sure pray every of your show should be done within the scheduled time frame.

We, the fringe art artists (caricaturists, silhouette cutting artists, henna, airbrushes, glamour shoot and etc have to be stop in time to help the smooth running of the event.

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