Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caricature at Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Great to do a roving caricature job for Exxon Mobil’s family day this morning.
3rd and 4th October is a hot day for events because of the Chinese Mid Autumn festival and also close to the Halloween Celebration period as well I guess.When the market very quiet in previous month, many event entertainers was looking at each other and wishing for job, while the market starts to pick up, that was a sudden high demand for entertainers, that is the events and entertainer’s industrial life, nobody can expect having job booking everyday, because the market got up and down period.
I knew that this morning was having many events in many places in this Singapore island, many events was asking artist, but as usual, whether you are the best, the famous, the fastest, the slowest caricaturists, all of us only can do job at 1 place because the booking hour mostly is the same timing.

Met Ivan and Lee Lee’ and their team doing airbrush tattoo in the event.They always having the long queue.Beautiful balloonist!Alex and her band troupe!Alex was real talented singer, she really good in Jazz, and she had sang a real old mandarin song (60’s or 70’s mandarin song) that really impress every guests which in one event I ever came across.

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