Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition

Just went Asian Civilisations Museum today and see the Kangxi Emperor Exhibition, this is my second time went to this exhibition. I think I must see the great portrait drawing of the King Kangxi and related Manchurian king’s large size drawing, which most of them drawn and framed in about 4meter x 7meter !Most of this drawing was drawn in western style which you can see some three dimension background instead of the traditional Chinese painting style. Most of the painting was done by Giuseppe Castiglione (郎世宁). I can’t believe my eyes when the first time I seen it, because each of these portrait was spent few years to complete and the detail was unbelievable great! You really have to see by your own eyes! Yup, all of those portrait painting was original copies!

One of the artwork exhibited in this exhibition I loved very much was a gift that King Kangxi gave to his grand mother, which is a Chinese calligraphy “Heart Sutra” (般若波罗蜜多心经)written in gold pigment son paper, I found King Kangxi’s hand writing was real amazing, of course, that was the hand writing by the King!

There are many nice scenes surrounding Asian Civilisations Museum.The Fullerton Hotel just opposite.My favourite Nasi Lemak at Golden Show Hawker Centre.

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