Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dumpling Festival II . 端午节

As per told by the organizer that there are a same event is running at my next another block, I just went to take a look. Ah! There are a ‘Getal’(歌台)(a singing performance stage) down here!“Getai” show usually only happened during Chinese seventh month or during some Chinese God’s birthday’s celebration, but nowadays, it became more popular in various type of celebrations and festivals in Singapore.
See! Everyone love to see Getai Show.Another beautiful singer was waiting foe her turn to present her songs.I found this ‘behind stage’ scene was very interesting!Hmmm…after I use “dramatically look” in my blog, I realised that many other blogger had copy this word in their blog as well, now I introduce “graphical look” to everyone, welcome t0 copy! Haahaa!

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