Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steamed Cod Fillets with Preserved Radish Sauce

Just bought this cod fillet from NTUC market, cod fish is one of the expensive fish, usually you can see it in the high-class restaurant’s menu.I just want to try it based on the cook book’s recipe for the 300g cod fish:

Part 1: The Preserved Sauce:
Fried the chopped garlic, 2 tea spoons of chopped onions, some chilli padi (if you not eating hot chilli, just forget it.), 2 tea spoons of oyster sauces, ½ tea spoons (or lesser) of sugar, 100ml oil.

You need to fry the garlic and the onions in oil until fragrant, then put in the chilli padi, in low heat stir fry until aromatic, add in oyster sauce, sugar and stir well.

Part 2:
The cod fillet should already rub a little salt and pepper (I did not put pepper).
Pour the preserved sauce on top of the cod fillet, and then steam at high heat until cooked. (I use my electric cooker, about 8minutes, depend what type of steamer you are using).

Here you go! A small size dish put in a very big size plate looks like real high class right? Haahaa!

Seems I like the sauce and the $$$$ cod fillet, I was planning to use the same sauce for other dishes....hmm...

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