Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper Cutting

Just struggling of preparing some Chinese paper cutting for an coming event during the past 2 weeks. Doing a real Chinese paper cutting or related paper art, you need time and patients plus some cutting skills.In the paper cutting art, you need to present the nice design of the artworks, at least we need to apply some design especially the related traditional Chinese decoration patterns.

I had came across some complaint about some people just do cutting on the Chinese characters and they called it ‘Chinese Paper Cutting’, I had check which some seniors China artist and related reference books, none of them agree such cutting as Chinese Paper Cutting, unless the artist produce the Chinese character in paper cutting with some design and patterns like this (given by a senior paper cutting artist):

I just copied and did a sample which some event people and guests ever complained as ‘cheating’ Chinese paper cutting:As in a “Globalization” world nowadays, there are many people had been traveled to many countries and they had been seeing so many kind of artworks, as a professional artists we need to be always trying to improve ourselves, there are always having people can tell whether your skill is real of fake.
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