Friday, December 21, 2018

Fortune Telling for Event

Did palm and face reading for and event at Lantern, Fullerton Bay Hotel.

During event, my reading mainly on the character telling and always on the positive side and the reading usually about 5 minutes per guests, it depend on the crowd.

2 hands Caricature at Asian Civilisation Museum for Private Party

Just did another event at Asian Civilization Museum weeks ago.
As long as sit and draw, I will be able to use my both hand to do the caricature for the guests.

My principal of doing event was: produce as many drawing as possible within the booking hour and I demand to maintain the best quality as I can within a limited time frame, I always color the hair as well while many artists only draw the hair in outline only ;p

Roving Caricature for SGX Bull Charge Charity Run 2018

That was great to do roving caricature the SGX Bull rCharge Charity Run 2018 under event company's arrangement.
Met many nice guests in the event ;p

Monday, November 19, 2018

Roving caricature at Bukit Gombak area

Did caricature yesterday engaged by event company.

Ops, China Students cover most fringe activities:
Tidbits booth by China Students

Pop Corn booth by China Student

Balloon Sculpture by China Student

Monday, August 6, 2018

Palm Reading at Clliford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Did palm reading for an event last Thursday and great to met Raju who doing Rarot fortune telling in the same event.

The event setting was real nice

My booth ;p

There Snake Chamer, Tarot car reader, and Henna painting as fringe activities in the event

There were lion dances and Dragon dance on guests arriving.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Caricature for Singapore National Day Event

Great that have a chance to do roving caricature for a national day celebration event yesterday.

There many free fringe activities and free food in the event as well as magic shows, orchestra music performance by students etc.

There are having fireworks at the end of the event ;p

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Angkor Wat Trip an Siem Reap

Glad that i had a day spare for Angkor Wat Trip! Heehee!

When the time I book taxi at Siem Reap, I got an official receipt, the receipt attached with a letter that intro about the info of booking their taxi driver for Angkor Wat and few more related temple tours with just USD$20.

That means he will fetch you to Angkor Wat and wait outside, once you finished visited one temple he will fetch you to the next.

I decided to use the driver who fetch to my hotel from airport Mr Sombath in 1 day in advance booking as per mentioned. He advice me can take the Watching Sunrice at Angkor Wat trip that come to fetch my at 4.30am! I told him I unable to wake up that early so I decided to booking him to fetch my at 8am.

The first thing to do: Sombath fetch me to this place to buy ticket.  The place was crowd with mostly China tourist groups, so the place was super noisy! Haahaa!

The ticket was USD$37 for a day pass!!! Someone told me last year's ticket was USD$26 but this hear had increased. So Cambodia should be earned $$$$$! Heehee!

They will take your photo to print on the ticker to prevent any fake ticket to be present to the visiting point officer, because there are too many touting guy around.

Yeah!!! Angkor Wat!!! Here I am!

My feedback of visit many temples in half day:
- all temples was real amazing!
- you need to BEWARE SOMEONE COME TO INTRODUCE THE TEMPLE YOU VISITING, they will ask for tip after that.
- is the uniformed officer safe? When I visit one of the temple, one uniformed officer pointed my the best scene to take picture, and after that he asked fot USD2.-- tip. I gave him USD$1.00.

Trip at Siem Reap, Cambodia

It was so lucky i got a chance travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia due to having an event for my silhouette cutting service down there ;p

Due to short notice, the flight i booked was required to transit at Suvarnabhumit Airport Bangkok to Siem reap. The aeroplane I took was this one ;p That was very exciting because is my very first time taking this type of plane.

Upon arrived Siem Reap Airport, headed to the immigration clearance area. I was waited an hour to get my passport stamped ;p

When to the taxi booking office, as per small luggage, I can take the tuk tuk to my hotel.
The fare was USD9 because the time I book my taxi was before 2300 (11pm), otherwise will be USD12. Yup, Cambodia was using US Dollar, but when you buy thing and get small change, they will change Khmer Riel currency to you; after I do further research, Cambodia is an non-coin country! That was something new for my ;p

All transport for flush to right hand side, so the steering of the car is at the left side of the sit.

Arrived Somadevi Hotel & Spa about 10.30pm Cambodia time.

Checked the map that PUB Street was nearby, so after settle down at 11pm I go to Pub Street.


When I reach the entrance of my hotel, there are tuktuk driver touting, I told him I want to go Pub Street, he tell me is very far so got to pay more! So I expect USD2, he said ok, and then he drive me to different direction and to an brothel KTV! What the hell!  I insist I want to go to the PUB Street to had my dinner and then he drive my to the real PUB Street! End up I got to pay him USD3!!

Your guys who first time go this place need to be alert! I realised so many touting activities around!

Great that reach Pub street, few pub was having real loud music, opps!

The beer was cheap! Draft beer start from USD$0.50!

My dinner with my USD$1.00 Asahi Beer!!!

Beer and liquor was real cheap in Siem reap!!! This photo took in a Supermarket. USD0.93 Tiger Beer? No way in Singapore. haahaa!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Palm Reading During Chinese new Year Period

Did palm reading for Lau pa Sat (Old Market) Chinese New Year Celebration event.
During the event what I will do was telling the character and strong  & weak point of the of the guests. in such event, i will not tell the bad thing due to it just a fringe activity and not nice to let the guest's mood get affect by telling any bad things.
Ivan was doing pebble art in the event. I would like to thank you Ivan for taking photo for me in this event.
There are lion dance performance during the event ;p

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Chinese paper Cutting Preperation

Just came across the date for next year's 2019 Chinese Lunar new Year 1st day was fall on 6 Feb, which is before western's Valentine Day (14 Feb).

Time flight as arrow, so I have to push myself to begin my new batch Chinese paper pre-made cutting  preparation.

Yup, Chinese paper cutting required much longer time to do by hand cutting, therefore to produce a better quality Chinese paper cutting meed to spend almost 10  or more months time.

Caricature Drawing at Safra Toa Payoh

Did caricature at Safra Toa Payoh today, great to met nice guests in the event.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Chinese Paper Cutting for CNY Lo Hei Event

Did Chinese Paper cutting demo and give away for a private event and great to meet Chinese Calligrapher Mr Goh during the event.

There are lion dance, Wealth God mascot, Chinese music instrument performance and Chinese dance in the event.

The food handler was preparing "Lo Hei" dishes.
Mr Goh at work ;p

Friday, March 2, 2018

Caricature for SUSS CNY Event

Great that had a chance do caricature drawing for SUSS Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)) Chinese New Year Event.
Met this balloonist in the event ;p
One of my work.
Nowadays really not easy to get caricature jobs due to too many people are doing it so became very competitive, many clients or event companies thought cheapest artist is the best one while they forgot about how many faces to be done per hour and what is the quality they artist provide.
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