Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Special Birthday Cake

That was interesting to come across nice designed birthday cakes during few different caricatures booking.

Dinasour decorated! Science fiction designed!

Nice color!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1 Fever

That was so lucky I engaged by the event company that I did some events for F1 relate event within these few days!You can see many shopping centers had display a real size of racing cars.Trying to take a peek of the racing car without paying tickets within the circuit area? No way! They had block it using the black cloth!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Singapore’s Grand Pix

All the Formula One drivers had arrived to Singapore today! There were many tourist had been arrived earlier form international purposely come to see the world’s 1st F1 Night Race, and also the 1st City Race in the world!

I would say, whether is the good ‘fengshui’ of Singapore or just at the right time, Singapore had made some more ‘Number One’ ranking in the world.

I was dreaming to view this F1 race; unfortunately I was working on this few days for event’s booking. I wish I can draw Lewis Hamilton in life and take a picture with him! Haahaa!
According the channel 8’s ‘Focus’ program, Singapore had obtained 5 yrs contract as the organizer of the Night Race of Formula One; Singapore Tourism board had been sponsored 60% of the expenses for this big event, many volunteers from polytechnics and universities students had act as tour guide to assist the tourists in this event.

The related organizers for this big event, had been arranged many entertainments within the Formula One Track area, more than 100 performers like Techno house DJ Carl Cox from Britain, Indie rock singer-songwriter Cyril Nicolai from France, The Fab Four from Australia, La Ranura Latin Band from Paraguay, Jazz singer Alemay Fernandez from Singapore and etc. will entertain fans at more than 10 stages around the circuit.

I wish I can watch as many of them as possible! 

Thru this big event, it will be boot up Singapore’s economy, plus the coming Youth Olympic in 2010 and the completion building of the Casino, I believe Singapore will attracted large amount of tourists, and it will became an energetic and forever young country.

The most important thing to me: more and more event booking and jobs for me! Hia hia hia!

Some view of the circuir of the F1 Grand Pix. Taken these photos during August, one month ago using my handphone during some events in the high floors building. From right end to left: The Ritz Carlton Singapore Hotel, the millennium walk of singapore "suntec city", The Oriental Hotel, The Pan-pacific Hotel, Meritus Marina Mandarin Hotel, Suntec City and the unique designed Esplanade.Fullerton OnePadang area

Monday, September 22, 2008

World’s First F1 Night Race in Singapore

Time fly as arrow, few more days later, Formula One or F1 race will be held in Singapore. According the media, the nearby hotels had been fully booked few days ago, the rate had been up to S$2k-S$3k plus per night, and must be stay in the hotel minimum 3-5 daysMany related retail shops had been trying their best to sell their products which tied with the F1 events.
You can see poster which about F1 event every way like bus station, MRT etc. Besides hearing the virtual pc game of F1 race sound from my neighbors, I can hear people chatting about it in the bus, in the MRT and almost everyway; it was really a big event in Singapore, the first time of the F1 race and also the world’s first time’s race in Singapore.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super Import Nights

I managed taken pictures with the Super Import Night Babes from U.S.! Unbelievable! Photo with Super sexy Toni Leigh!Denis Chee was hosting the show.There are lots more babes from Japan and Thailand.She is very beautful!

My Lunch and Dinner

Bought these imported frozen chicken thigh from Brazil from NTUC, prepared to cook using my new cooking stuffs!Cooking was very fun!Here you go!Ouchi! Lots stffs for me to wash ;( Hahaa!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Import Nights

Attended Super Import Nights 2008, Singapore at Expo. The event was great and interesting. The best was I able to pass my drawing to Helen Su and took a photo with her !!!!!
There were many beautiful babes in the event!I want these!!!!!

I want all of these babes!!!!!Hahaa!

American Club’s 60th Celebration!

Did caricature for American Club’s 60th Celebration, which was a fun job for me.Ivan and Lily, the airbrush tatto artist was there!Mohamed F.B.I, he snake chamer!Magician Danny Koh was there, unfortunately I can,t catch a clear photo.Movie characters and mascots was attracted childrens!The club members really enjoy the celebrations.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My F1’s “Trial Run”

Completed an event in Suntec city this evening, due to the coming Formula One event on 26th Sept - 28th Sept, the related racing track area had been settled up fencing. Such fencing was set up to block the related nearby building to get a ‘free view’ of this first world’s F1 night race.According The Straits Time’s report, staff and tenants at Marina Square will not be able to watch the race from the mall, the view will be blocked, and so do those buildings within the F1 circuit park.Came out from Suntec City car park, just right driving on the ‘racing track’! Hee hee! This is my F1’s “Trial Run” !!!! Haahaa!Eh hmm! The road looks ok; the lighting is satisfied! Haahaa!
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