Sunday, June 7, 2015

Palm and Face Reading for Private Event

Did fortune telling for a private event last week and great to met nice guests in the event.
Doing palm reading and/or face reading for event, usually I would tell the character of the guests, strong and weak point of the guests. I wile make my reading on the relaxing way and give positive advice for the guests.

As a professional, especially during event fringe activities, we suppose to talk mostly the good things for each guests, and each reading will be make it short and sharp based on the crowd.

In the past few months, I realised some fortune teller did tried his/her own sweet time to do the reading regardless the long queue, some of them tried their best to tout customer to contact them for a private session in their shop, that was not nice, and the worst, some fortune teller did talk the bad things directly to the guests, that was really not professional, because all the guests come to the event to enjoy and having fun; we should not let the guests feel uncomfortable during the reading session, because some guests really take it seriously, hence I never like to tell any bad thing during the fringe activities session.

Moreover, palm and face reading might have 70% accuracy, the more accurate reading should be combine with birth date life chart sort of reading, and it really unable to do it in a short timing.

Great to met old friends in the event!

Great to met Raju in this event. He is doing Teh Tarik and supply Kacang Putih for the fringe activity. I had lost contact with him and finally met him again in this event.

Raju doing Parot fortune card reading for event as well ;p
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