Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My 'Block Cat'

This cat was stayed around our HDB flat block area at least 3 years I guess. It was feed by certain residents around, hence I did not buy any food for him. Anyway, I almost seeing him every day as long as i passing by the roundabout construction area whenever i go out.Whenever I saw him while I passing by,i will call the name i given to him -- "feimao" which mean fat cat, and he will shake his tail, shake on the last inch portion of his tail! That was very cute, because most dog or cat usually will shake the whole tail and not like this cat I came across.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3D Movie!

That was my very first time to watch 3D movie -- "How to train your Dragon". It was real amazing feeling! I like the realistic 3D view of the movie, It made me feel I in the movie scene as well, thanks for the amazing technology of the digital movie.

Other than the special effect, i found the storyline was quite interesting as well. so I give full marks of this movie ;p

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surround Sound Systems!

I got an idea in a sudden today, which using make use my 2 pairs of desktop pc speaker to become a "Surround Sound system! Heehee!

So I plug a spliter soket in my laptop, then plug in both set of my desktop speakers!So my messy room became like this! Hiak Hiak Hiak!
Testing result: That was quite cool and I had a different sound experience!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Some Food

Ate this noodle at the shop which opposite Bugis Junction, the taste to me is nice.I was attracted by this text decoration in the shop ;pJust other food that I had eatred of the day, nothing special :p

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time for Filling Income Tax

I was too lazy to tidy up my income and expenses records during the last second half year of 2009, and now I really struggling doing my account for the income tax e-filing. Ouchi!Anyway, compare with the first time doing my income tax filling in 1992, which was really many times easier nowadays! I remember during that period, I have to go to CPF Board to get my CPF yearly report print, and then stack with the related documents and insert in a standard envelop (you have to follow the sequence as per instruction) to mail it to the related department, after a painful filling. Haahaa!
Basically I love to go CPF Building at Robinson road, during that period, whenever I go to CPF building, I always like to have my lunch at the canteen there, if not wrong that should be 17th floor.

I really feel great being there because it really having a perfect view from the 17th floor canteen while I taking my lunch! Moreover in 1992, not much high building at that area! Of course due to nowadays tight security reason, I guess either the canteen no longer exist or only restricted for their internal staffs only.

No matter how, that was a great memory to me.
...and Ouchi! I continue struggling doing my account and have to submit my filing before the deadline of 15th April 2010.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Calligraphy

Just tidy up my room and found these A4 size calligraphy given by a young calligrapher during Chinese New Year event.I found his work was amazing, he just write the word within a second! I like his attitude and while work as a Chinese Calligrapher, he worn a proper Chinese traditional costume.

After chit chat with him and I found he is not a local artist, and his full time job is an engineer! Whao!

I did came across few good foreign calligrapher during Chinese New Year events, most of them have proper attire and great artworks like him.

I did came across local seniors calligraphers during Chinese New year events as well, unfortunately almost all of them just worn normal shirt while they doing Chinese Calligraphy demo during in the event , moreover is during Chinese New Year period! I guess this is the main reason they lost competitive ability with the young and right attitude foreign talents.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Event at Resort World Singapore (RWS)

Cool to do an event at Resort World Singapore yesterday! This is my very first time to RWS since it’s opening!I found this new IR was very big and very nice!Many people were queuing to go in the Universal Studio Singapore.Just saw some dancers performing in an impromptu timing in open area.You need a proper attire to go in the casino.Met magician Bob Chua and Alex Tan doing roving close up magic in this event.Met this glamour shoot services lady (the sitting gold hair lady, which with over big size eyes) in million times in many events!Unfortunately they not even show a smile to me (never expect them to say “Hi!”)
Anyway, the boss always come to me to say “Hi!”, I hardly understand how come his staffs having such arrogant attitude to look down other fringe art activities artists, maybe they believe their art is million times higher class than us lah! That's why! Haahaa!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mongolian Acrobatic

I met Helen's Mongolian Acrobatics team few times, and great to came across her website, so I just capture it for your view.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Some Food Review

When few places to get few things done today, just write some review about the food I ate today.
This western food stall at Ang Mo Kio Center hawker center was one of the popular stall. I found the taste was great and the size of the food was great with the price their charge, their serving was consider fast as well, thought that was the reasons they having good business.
Passing by Redhill area, I thought try some light taste simple food. Unfortunately this light tasted and simple $3 ‘Seafood Misiam’ was very salty to me! I unable to take the food in such salty level! Although visually it looks ok but it consider bad food to me.I ordered this mixed rice, seems quite ok to me. It including Curry chicken, a tou hu, and omelet egg, cost $4, considered a little expensive to me in his hawker center.Went Lavender area, the hawker center near Jalan Besar stadium and ate this ‘Chinese Dumpling Ramen’ which made by the China Chef on the spot in front you. I made a right choice! This $4 (some more in big sized)‘Chinese Dumpling Ramen’ taste nice and the dumpling was tasted great to me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Local Skillful and Talented Event Artists that I Came Across (II)

I had came across few local senior (especially those aged above 50s) and skillful artists that complaint foreign artists had take over their jobs and caused them having poor event job bookings.

Hence, I had tried my best to introduce them to whom asking for the related items for the relevant events; I did not do and mark-up or commission in the whole process, I just try making them happier due to they having more jobs and able to gain higher chances to let the public knows their great artworks and so ford.

I was quite happy that May Toh’s Dough Figurine demo cum Workshop for events activities having good feedback from many event companies. Clients was happy about her smiling friendly attitude and able to give away certain amount of samples to the guests who interested on her Dough Figurine Making. The great thing was May Toh was a really skillful dough figurine master, a Singaporean Chinese Dough Figurine professional that really having international standard.

There are definitely having few more highly skill Singaporean dough figurine experts around. Unfortunately one of the experts that I highly respected and had been putting lots efforts in recommend her to event companies, had been getting many undesirable comments which according the feedback from event companies, she only allow to give one or few pieces of samples to the guests in her demonstration and the most worst thing was she getting unfriendly face or ‘Black’ (attitude) face during the whole event. If was quite sad that I unsuccessful to help her to promote her very very fantastic artworks to the world. She is a real skillful Singaporean great artist, thought it might be her conservative thinking and unable to open her heart to the world (正所谓“放开心怀,舍得即是”,“生不带来,死不带去“,得失看得太重,纵是再才华横溢仍无法让天下人皆知,岂不遗憾?), that was a waste; yet her attitude caused her phase out of the market.

Local Skillful and Talented Event Artists that I Came Across (I)

Talking about local talented event artists, there are many peoples.
Due to the globalization, it increased the competitive levels in various industries.
The main industry which I working in ---- the event & entertainment industry, had been having some changes as well.
Due to having many new immigrants in Singapore, you can see many new talents and new entertaining items appear in various events within about recent of 4-5 years.

Some new or old items that became popular gradually that I had come across recent years, mainly belonging tradition China items that including: Chinese Dough Figurine (面人), Chinese Paper Cutting (剪纸), Rainbow Calligraphy (彩虹书法/ 龙凤书法/ 七彩书法), Chinese Art & Crafts (Chinese Knotting 中国结, Chinese Ang Bao Lantern Making 红包灯笼), and recently so many people was looking for Chinese Malt Candy (造型麦芽糖) which made in various design especially emphasize in the Chinese Zodiac design (as I know, we can’t find any local artist able to provide this item yet so far).I did came across some local talents can do some of the mentioned above items in a very high standard (much better than some of the present new immigrant in the event industry, especially some of those local artists, means Singaporean senior artists whose aged above 50s and in the industries for at least 20 years).
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