Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Queen Street Prawn Noodles

Passing by Fu Lu Shou building and have my lunch at the hawker center next to the building. I heard this hawker center just re-opened upon the completion of the renovation last month if I am not wrong.

I decided to take the pork rib + pig tail noodles, which is because seeing long queue at this stall.One of the unique ‘culture’ that happened in Singapore that was once you saw a long queue on the food stall or restaurant, it represent the food more or less must be very delicious or at least very popular!

I queued at this stall named minimum S$5 per bowl of pork rib + pig tail noodles at “Queen Street Prawn Noodles” which I believed their old location was at Queen Street.

Yes! I made a right choice today! The noodles, the soups , the pork rib and the pigtail was realy nice! Yummy!It had made my day ;p

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shrink Art Caricature

Did Shrink Art Caricature at Concord Hotel Singapore.
Met William and his wife were doing Pebble Calligraphy in the event.
Definitely cannot miss this Korean Chicken Set by the stall ‘Kim Dae Mun’

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Coming Soon

Time flies as arrow, once Christmas over, the next cultural big event or celebrating will be Chinese New year. You will see the street’s change to Chinese New Year theme deco soon.
As an event artist, I was struggling preparing Chinese New Year’s Chinese Paper Cutting.
Chinese Paper Cutting is one of the popular demanding items during Chinese New Year period other than fortune telling, Chinese calligraphy, lion dance and etc.Thought not much people doing Chinese Paper Cutting demo in the events entertaining market, I think it could be due to this type of art really need lot time to design and produce.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Event at Swissotel Merchant Court

Did fortune telling (Palm reading plus some face reading) for a dinner and dance’s pre-event activity.Sue was doing her wax hand art for the guests.William Lee and his wife were doing wire crafts in the event.William did this for me ;pLisa and Dean from 'The Colourful Faces' in action (Instant printing glamorous shoot).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trip In Batu Pahat, Johore, Malaysia

Just went Batu Pahat, Malaysia meet a friend for some Feng Shui stuffs.Thought I had been almost 20 years not been this place today. I can’t tell any different due to I been here for not more than 4 hours. Seems there were few shopping malls had been built.According th e taxi driver, this is the crowded place in Batu Pahat.There are caricature stall at BP Mall. Seems there went for their rest or lunch.My lunch at BP Mall.

Eat this self help dinner at the restaurant of Larkin bus interchange, just right in font of bus stand of Singapore bus 170. That was one of the WORST EXPERIENCE I came across in restaurant!

Why? Thought the Indian boss do not know how to run their business or they really having sort of big management problem!

1. Because they worker, including the ‘boss look alike’ Indian guy keep asking me whether I had pay for the dish even though at the first second I sat down and one of the worker immediately asked me to pay RM 10.60 (inclusive the ‘The Halia’ I order)

2. Before I start to have my first bite, they were 4 more workers came to ask and check whether I had paid for my dish!!!

May be my face looks like super bad guy?

Nope! Because seems all of their restaurant workers was keep repeating asking all their customers who eating whether had been pay for their dish !!!

Don’t believe? Try yourself! …it is at the restaurant at Larkin Bus Interchange, Johor, Malaysia, in front the bus stand of Singapore Bus 170.

The boss of this restaurant really ‘BOLEH’!

3. Food rating? Opp! (you get what I meant)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chinese Calendar’s Winter. 冬至

\According Chinese calendar, today (22 Dec, 1.47a.m) is the beginning of the first day on the winter; hence it will be the coolest month of the year. In traditional Chinese custom, this is an important day that we should see it at serious as Chinese New Year.
One of my Chinese doctor friends taught me a ‘secret’ way to push our health in the best level for the coming New Year is to use some of the cooking rice water to mix with a Chinese medicine ingredient called “鹿蓉” (sort of Chinese essence base medicine) to make the special soup at the timing of the beginning of this ‘Chinese Winter’.
I just follow their instruction and do it accordingly, wish my health luck will be in my best level! Hee hee!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Very Nice Day II

After the Avatar Movie, passing by Ang Mo Kio Central and saw these busking singers from South America and surrounded by the crowd.I found their music was real cool and real different from what I ever seen down the street, that’s why they were attracted quiet number of people stopped and watch their performance.
I managed to took a photo with them!These are their unique music instrument.Just bought their CDs on the spot, thought I prefer the live music played by them. Maybe I had seen the real artists performance themselves.Their music was more like soul / meditation type. I wonder they are red Indian from America.Just went to their blog, their group is called ‘Alphawashi’, see are not music instrument; all those are my ‘Petrol of the day’!
Hiak hiak hiak!

A Very Nice day!

Yeah! Finally I bought a ticket and watched latest movie “Avatar” after few times met the full house ticket sold out within this few days.

I love this movie after watched it, it is fantastic combination hi-tech cum top level of 3D computer graphic effects and the real person’s act. The computer effect is so real and the angle of every scene was so perfect!

The great thing was, it really have 3D version in the cinema, thought if I got time I will go for the 3D version!

You definitely can’t miss this super great movie which produced by James Cameron!

The story line of Avatar was very interesting as well, which I can became the Na'vi race, so I can go every where in the planet of Pandora and I wanted live in the floating mountain. And I also got chance to see the beautiful lady Neytiri act by Zoe Saldana! Heehee!

Due to the great detail of the 3D effect and the movie props, I think this movie should be watched cinema or those who having super large size tv or good projector with good sound system sets, else you would not really feel the great artwork of it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Death Cause Hit by Bicycle Cyclist

I did not surprised that reading today's Chinese newspaper 'ZaoBao' about someone die by the hitting of bicycle cyclist.According the report, the cyclist was riding his bicycle in about 20-25km per hr speed, his the pedestrian caused him flied our 4 meter's distance, yet the victim die after 5 hours later in hospital.

I did not hate bicycle cyclist, but recent years, the way they ride their bicycle really in a rude way like ride in high speed on the pedestrian walk way and expect all of us automatic give way to them.

I hardly understand why the related authority keep loosing the rule for more bicycle cyclist ride on the pedestrian walk way.

Personnaly, I super hate those who suddenly passing by from behind us in very high speed, and especially those who suddenly giving us a shock ring while they really ride extremely close right behind us.

Event at Pan Pacific Orchard

Did an event at Pan Pacific Orchard and got a chance with bunny girls! yahoo yahoo!Thought I had not been doing event at this venue more that 5 year liao! ;p

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madam Tang's Mini Dough Figurine

Came across Madam Tang's blog (, that was interesting to see her art and crafts photos in her blog. She is one of the very hard working Singapore Artist who produced many art and crafts presently.

You may fine many interesting artworks from her blog. Thought She really an expert in mini dough figurine making.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Food

This is what I talking about!Look! my egg yolk never been stolen! Hiak Hiak!
Just ate it in the Food Junction food court at Funan IT Mall.

Bad Food Day

I not so lucky like other blogger that always having chances to eat good and nice food, I had many chances bought the bad food if I do not really pay attention while the time i order it.
Just like this morning, went AMK HUB food court bought this 'Gong Bao' chicken rice in mini wok based on the photo displayed on their stall,We all understood most of the time the real food being delivered was not match with the photo being displayed, because this is the realistic world, the purpose of the related food photo is just helping customer roughly got an idea what the food will looks like.
Anyway, now I realised even just a simple food I ordered, I must "check carefully before I left the counter", because while I seated on the dining area and turn over this fried egg, the egg yolk was gone! Ouchi! They cheated me an egg yolk! Haahaahaa!Unfortunatelty, this dish I ordered tasted bad! Maybe the cook had not in the mood yet in this morning.
I thought going Mac Donald eat the 'Teriyaki' Burger, unfortunately, the staff told me "We only serve lunch from 11a.m."
Ops! My watch is 10.39a.m. now! Ouchiiiiii!

Walk a bit distance and finally ordered this 'Wan Ton' noodle at the hawker centre. The 'char Siew'(the meat dyed in red color in this photo) was super sweet! just like cooked by heave syrup, did not match with the salted noodle at all!

Ouchiiiii! My bad food day ;(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yip's Rainbow Calligraphy

Went Chinatown looking for some feng shui stuffs for my Chinese New Year and came across Dorby Yip and Angela's booth at Pagoda Street today.Up to today, in my view, they still the best and unique Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher in Singapore's market.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chinese Magic Mask with Fire Blowing!

That was interesting I can across an event that with Chinese Magic Mask with Fire Blowing!I can see many Chinese Magic Mask changing performance but this is my first time seeing the Chinese Magic Mask master doing Fire Blowing in the event. I like their ‘gong fu’ posing style, especially the female master’s posing was really different and nice.Met Ravi in the event, he was really talented, can sing very well in Malay songs and many Mandarin, Hokien song s as well! He had sang ‘Ai Pia Jiu Hui Yeah’ today! (Chinese Hokien song)This Senior guest in his age 93 had sang a nice Malay song in this event! Whao!Snake Charmer Sabum Miya! Sabu Miya was 20 year in the event industry,one of the most popular Snake Charmer in Singapore.This is not food, this is Sabu's snake! ( I know I always like eat snake (try to be lazy and not working hard) but in this photo is real snake! Heehee!)This is my favourite 'Mee Siam' breakfast!and my favourite Asahi sets!!!!! Ngiak ngiak ngiak!

Event at Wild Wild Wet, Downtown East Singapore

Did event at Downtown East today.Great to met Richard Lim in the event!My 'Teriyaki Chicken' breakfast.
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