Saturday, January 31, 2009

My PC Was Totally Down

Thought That was time to replace my old Pc. It was totally down, I found that my hard disk was down, the motherboard down, the Dvd-Rw down, even if my keyboard down as well!
I force to buy a new one! After many places price checking, finally found one the really suit my needs! But it was really $$$$$! Anyway, this time I choose don’t use the D.I.Y. Pc and bought an Acer; it was good and saving lots of my time to install everything!I was facing incompatible software’s problems! Hence I force to buy some new versions of software I am using regularly! Ouchi! $$$$ spending again!

These were my dished of the day. Hm…seems I only able to cook limited dished! Haahaa! Must arrange more time to go through my cook books that I seldom read them! Haahaa!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have a Best 2009 New Year!

Did Chinese paper cutting demonstration in an event yestersay. That was great many guests come to us.I would like to wish everyone have a best 2009 Chinese New Year / New Year, and getting all your dreams come true!Singaqpore's porpular dough figurine artist May Toh also in the event as well.Passing by Orchard, the crowd was slightly lesser than normal on this Saturday, maybe people was really busy buying Chinese New Year stuffs the day before Chinese New Year Eve (Saturday).Some busking artist was there.The most crowd attraction busking artists: the percussion theme.It was really full of people stopped on the whole walking way to watch the percussion performance.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting Preparations

I was ‘so free’ during the whole week due to no booking for event. You sure I am so free? You are wrong! As an entertainer, a professional artist and entertainer which not fake artist who just passing time during the working hour.

One of the thousand ‘must do’ things was some Chinese paper cutting demo booking, so that was lots ‘behind stage job’ to be done before the actual day. That was a lots for paper for me to design, prepare and pre-cut! Ouchi!Guess what I think now? I was thinking I just sit back and relax and the $$$ will come automatically! Heehee!

Let me have a extra big size and high cholesterol pork chop to release my high pressure! Hia hia hia! It was 15cm x 10cm and the thickness was 4cm which I bought from NTUC supermarket and cook by myself! Hia hia hia!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scene at NTUC Super Market at Ang Mo Kio Hub

6 more days later will be Chinese New Year (27th Jan id Chinese New Year Eve), many people was rushing to buy their stuffs for Chinese New Year Celebrations, hence many supermarket was crowded with people.

I went NTUC Super Market at Ang Mo Kio Hub, this is one of the biggest NTUC Super Market in Singapore.That was so crowded almost every since last weekend. Nothing wrong with the crowded place, just do not like the attitude of many shoppers which believe they are the king or queen which have the priority park their trolley anyway, they believed they have the full priority to walk all the way; they no need to give way to anyone, but everyone must give way to them to walk.I force to walk to this ‘road’ which is madly ‘traffic jam’ to reach the rack that having the goods I wanted to buy. I have to wait the auntie couple in front me to move further then I can move a bit. Suddenly I felt my butt hit lightly by a trolley behind me, that was an auntie doing that, she wanted me to move ahead, what a rude way! I did not get angry, I just seen one of such Singaporean who acts in such a style, just like the scene commonly happened in the MRT.I grab the last pack of gingers! It sold out everyday before evening!Chinese New Year Cake! Which similar to Christmas’ log cake.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Madam Tang’s Chinese Knotting Demo

Passing by North Point Shopping Mall near Yishun MRT, found Madam Tang doing her Chinese Knotting making Demonstration down there with the Chinese New Year Promotion activities.I know Madam Tang through events, thought about 10 years or even longer, she’s an art and craft teacher as well.Madam Tang, a local Singaporean was very talented because she can do so many different kinds of art and crafts like Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Dough Figurine, Wire Crafts, Chinese Calligraphy and etc. (See
She passed me a photo about her Origami demonstrations for an event at Japan last year while I met her yesterday. Yup, she did travel to other country to present her art.Just grab one ‘give away sample’ in the event from her.
I would say, after 18 years in this trait, I had known many kinds of artistes and peoples, that was one of the interesting stuffs I found in my life. Heehee!

Fortune Telling at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

Did fortune telling for a company event at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore yesterday. That was great to meet many nice guests. If I say caricature and silhouette cutting need a lot of observation on people’s face and use a lot of hand muscle energy to draw, then fortune telling for palm reading or face read might be need a lot of energy from you mind other than observe people’s palm closely. You may suffer for sour throat if there were a long hour’s booking.Ah1 This is one type of the 'Lucky Tree' found in one the decorations of the hotel! (Just similarity to western's Christmas Tree)I would say, palm reading and face reading for event fringe entertainment is belonging to knowledge base service, I do it in a serious way but try to keep it in a relax way with some entertaining ingredients. We usually point out the guests stro9ng point and weak points.

Usually all the fortune teller would not tell the bad thing about the guests, just mainly doing the character telling, because we would not spoil the happy guests’ whose just come to enjoy their party.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fortune Telling For Event

Did a fortune telling which recommend by friend for a company’s event. Usually we will be set a table and chair to sit at one corner to read the guests’ fortune; anyway, for this event I decided to walking around while most of the guests were sitting at their place having chit chat, drinking and enjoying their food.Basically only some fortune telling items was able to roving like palm reading and face reading, some fortune teller might use their handheld like palm device with the related chart calculation software would also able to do fortune telling like Chinese ‘Bazi’ or ‘Zi Wel Dou Shu’ reading.

I thought any fortune telling that needed to use the card might not be able work in roving style, but I seen once that one lady fortune teller was roving by using sort of ‘Oracle’ cards, just ask the guests to pick one of the card and then read the fortune few years ago.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese Mask Changing Magic

Passing by Ang Mo Kio Hub, from the promotion poster just realized that Alex Tan ( )was doing Chinese Mask Changing Magic 变脸 in Ang Mo Kio Hub shopping Mall at 10th, 11th, 17th, 23th January at 5.00pm. Alex Tan is a very experience artist and magician in our trait for many years.变脸 (Chinese Mask Changing Magic), which is an unique opera art in China, traditionally that is a secret that not allow to teach any foreigner or any female as their rules, if you red the new about the famous Hong Kong actor/singer Andy Lau’s incident which had been reject to be a student of a Chinese Mask Changing Magic Master few years ago, that you will know how strict the rules they are.

Anyway, maybe due to the changing of the rule of China and related organization, Alex Tan was one of the Singaporean Artist who learnt this China’s unique skill; another Singaporean who learnt this skill as well is magician Terrence Sylvester (Chinese), other then that, that will be Choi brothers which is the longers Chinese Mask Changing Magic performers in Singapore.

There are another female Chinese Mask Changing Magic artist in Singapore which from China within my knowledge.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting

Did an event for Chinese Paper cutting demonstration in a shopping mall. Chinese Paper cutting is one of the common booking items during Chinese New period. Usually we need some time to prepare the material and prepare some pre-made samples due to most of the cutting design need quiet some times produce.
That was great that after the show, we treated by the guests.Talking about Chinese New Year event item, I remember one of my friend William Lee ‘s new item which is call “Pebble Calligraphy”, which written the calligraphy on the stone!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Orchard Road

Passing by Orchard Road, the renovation at Orchard still going on, many new building was done more than 70% as I see. Hopefully the ION Orchard will be completing soon; for the time being they completed the entrance portion of the MRT few months ago if I am not wrong.Ah! The China Rainbow Calligrapher still around just next to the entrance of Orchard Mrt.Hmmm….I would say his is skillful!Not sure whether National Art Council had released the new rules that “busking artist was not allow to busk at Orchard until all the construction had been completed build”; many busking artist was doing their art down here, whether having license or not.Basically, Singapore is a country that really appreciates art, a great country for artistes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Caricature at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Engaged by Event Company doing caricature for dinner and dance at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.The hotel was very nice and found many nice display and art pieces there.
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