Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Some Dishes

Tried baked the greenshell mussel without the shell with garlic, onion, gingers, seaseme oil, Kikoman soy sauces plus some cooking wine.Just a simple fish fillet.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Caricature at M Hotel for Informatic’s Event

Whenever I have an event at The M Hotel, it sure will fall in a rainy day, but yesterday when I do the event there, the weather just nice and no rain! Haahaa!With the welcome bull and none rainy day here, seem my luck will be getting better and better in this bear market! Heehee!Anson Road, which was M hotel located at, had lots building under renovation or building up.Super cool motorcycle! The cyclist was real proud of his cool bike!This is my seat! Ou can see how powerful I am while I sit with this powerful unleashing background! Hia hia hia!Ivan and Lily’s airbrush tattoo setting is the most powerful as well! Forever coolest!Palmist Master Khor’s powerful ‘Ru Lai Shen Zhang’ display!!!Powerful event! Powerful day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fry Eggs

Lots people say to fry the eggs was very easy, thought it need some skills like how much oil to be put on the wok or pan and when do you need to turn it to another side during the frying.

I am a slow learner; finally I found that the best way to pick the broken egg shells dropped in the eggs is use the bigger piece egg shell to pick it up, that was very easy! Not using chopstick, not using tea spoon! Heehee!

Finally I succeed fry it in ONE piece without broken! Hia hia hia!

You very scared to eat eggs? Don worry, taste my fry eggs, sure you will eat a lots eggs!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TV shooting

Singapore is a small country; therefore, you are not so difficult to see some TV or movie action shooting down the street, shopping malls, markets and etc. Such production usually took about one days to do the shooting in different angles for 1-3 scenes, such shooting was quiet tiresome job, I had been experienced it before while it happened once they borrowed my drawing stuffs for their actors to do some shootings, I was standby to do some drawing for the actors who act as an artist.

Illegal busking artist at Orchard Road

While the public complained the busking artistes whose playing music and the related activities had spoiling Orchard Road’s high class atmospheres and nice scene, you still can see some ‘impromptu’ or hit and run china artist doing their art in Orchard road.
I found the Chinese rainbow calligraphy was quiet unique, but after met some real professional Chinese rainbow calligrapher from China and Hong Kong; I found that currently only fewer REAL Rainbow Calligrapher in Singapore, most of them, especially who’s doing events like dinner and dance and related events was fake rainbow calligrapher.One Senior and professional calligrapher friend from China told me that one of the most popular China families who doing rainbow calligraphy can dough figurine making, was totally fake artists and seriously spoilt the great quality and graceful name of their traditional China folk art.

But what happened was currently, this China family was the most demanded artistes in the market, because they were the cheapest artist in the industry, as what I heard from one event artist, their special packet for the event booking was every 10 event bookings will be giving 1 free service.

Besides quantity, who care about the quality?

One Shanghai friend told me, he realized too many event companies in Singapore was not interested the artist’s skills level but only interested on hiring the cheapest artist for their events, Due to the globalization nowadays, more and more guests able to differentiate how good of the artist’s skills level, more and more Caucasians when to china and they know what it good artwork and what is fake art pieces.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mingling Caricaturist

As an entertainer, as a caricaturist, the best working nature is you can sit at one place to do the drawing, but sometimes due to certain events, you may required to mingling around, hence you need to prepared a board and related stuffs even the event booking is not indicated mingling or roaming around is necessary.

Thought for party events, children’s party could be very easy to do, and could be the most difficult to do as well; depend what kinds of the cute, young and little guests you meet. I had been came across many times that during the whole children parties that all the children was running around the place, I have to chase them or draw them from a very far distance, especially those young children who fears to sit in front the person they didn’t know. That is one of the very challenging part doing children party.
The booking in the Pub or KTV, you may need to consider bring a small lighting equipment by yourself due the dim lighting or the blinking of the lighting at your working station, but if you are doing a mingling? You may need to use some special skills to solve this problem, it depend on your experiences.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice Water color!

Passing by one of the MRT which displayed these 2 water color artworks, I found both of them were very nice. The size of both artworks was 1 meter X 1 meter.I always like to see nice artworks and would appreciate their talents.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Cool Wacom Tablet!

Passing by Funan Central and saw this latest version's Wacom Tablet 'Wacom Cintiq', it was super cool tablet that you can draw on the screen which also a tablet itself! I sure will buy one…..if I have enough saving heehee! It cost about almost S$5000 for the time being.With this device, you no longer need to stare to your screen with the coordinate of your hand at the other side while drawing; you can see your hand drawing direct on this ‘paper’!!

Due to Singapore government had encouraging art and related animations industries, I believe more and more people will use this tablet and it will became a popular tools.

Portrait Drawing?

While many local artists emphasized caricature drawing, there are some portrait artist had came from China doing portrait on various shopping malls. I passing by Orchard road few time and saw this China lady doing portrait down there, seems her business was quiet good while surrounding by lot people and seems she also having quiet a numbers orders which drawing from the photographs.

Other China artist can be found in Orchard including the China lady who plays the Chinese traditional instrument like ‘gu zhen’ or ‘phi pa’ sort of strings music instruments. There also a acrobatics mini troupe from Mongolia.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Angle of Shooting the Photo

After you found a scene or an object to be shooting by your camera, you need to find a good angle. You need to plan and visual what is the result you expected, then your photos will be looks different.Sometimes, the way you hold the camera could created a result you would never ever think about it before, and after you explore such method, you will be even better in the controlling of your camera to produce the effect you want.This photo not taken by the fish eye lens, it taken by my nokia E61i thru a ‘special camera holding method'.

Monday, October 13, 2008

City Scene’s Caricature

I like photography because it is and freedom art, it is an art that allow me to frame what you see in an art piece. What I like to share with you is you can take the photos by your own concept; you can create the atmosphere of the photo and so fort.

You need to feel the scene, the object or the composition of the story and produce it in your way, else, you can also choose the relaxing way, take what you see; for me, I only take what I going to be produced in my art piece.

Nice building construction design!Lets pour in some Romantic ingredient and see how :)...in different distance and angle, different result.Thought in certain ‘art pieces’, you need to capture it in a richer story base, which is provide many things for the viewers to see.I tried taken this photo like an artist visual drawing in those ‘New Launch of the Shopping Project’Photography is fun, and as long you can apply your own idea and creativity, you already beyond the ‘copy and paste’ problem due to anyone also can take the same thing using whatever camera, but your artwork will be produced in your style.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Event at Ritz Carlton Hotel

Did an event at Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore, met Belle Kuan in the event. Thought I almost 3 years did not meet her if I am not wrong, though she looks good and doing well. Thought once in a while, one of my best best blog reader - Mr Reggie also passing her some caricature jobs on and off, she looks living in a happy life!
Belle was asking me to update her both websites which I designed for her in about 5 years time ago, unfortunately I no longer keep her files due to my Pc had been totally crushed and al the data had gone; moreover I no longer doing web design.

She owed me many beers! Because although my blog had been highly recommend by Mr Reggie, Belle have not come to support me yet! Heehee!

Master Chuan had keep his web designed files which designed by me, and had been updated by himself in a much better version, but Belle never keep it at all, haahaa!

Rainbow Calligrapher was there!
Wire crafts artist.Ritz Carlton’s Decoration was very nice!I like this design!
All these were taken but this guy! No need to use my Nikon D90 lah!

Roaming Around Caricaturist

Did caricature in a roaming or mingling around style just like the magician for Singapore Polo Club’s event. The guests were very nice and happy attending and enjoy the event very much.As a caricaturist in the event, you are part of the events entertainer, you belonging to the team of the event force during the working hour, so you need to know how and when not too ‘shinny’ while your other colleague’s like the magicians or any other artists roaming around as well.

There are some basic rules need to be follow for example while the magician entertaining the guest, you could not draw the same group of guests at the same time.

When more and more guests arrived, your moving space could be smaller and smaller, and the waiter / waitress could be busy passing by to deliver the foods and drinks, sometimes you may need to give way for them to pass by in between the space of the guest and you while you are drawing; more of other distortions like the light could be shut down in a sudden for an musical opening or related special effect activities.

So you need to put a little more afford on that while doing a roaming / mingling caricature or shadow cutting or magics.

Talented, sexy and beautiful Francesca was performing her ‘fire dancing’!It seems the fire dance was very interesting and attractive! Hm…maybe I should try ‘Fire Caricature’ as well? …..Will try it in my neighbor’s house first! Hee hee!
Beautiful and sexy guest Saee!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Morgan Chua’s Caricature

Passing by Popular book shop and saw Morgan Chua’s New book in Caricature displayed in the new book rack. I found his drawing was very nice and stylo. He is an expert! I should learn more from him! Heehee!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Secret

Met Master Chuan of www.chuanonline.com one of my very old and good friend had recommended me to read a book which is ‘The Secret’
I found this book was very good, I lead you toward the way of happy, rich and succeed; it had many great philosophies can be learn e.g. Something like “if you always thing about your competitor, the more competitors you will get”, if you always think about happy things, you are happy forever! It was a great book! That was what I wanted to share with everyone today.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Some Vegetables

Thought must eat more high fibred and low calories food and less meat to reduce my high cholesterols.Caught these from ‘The Matrix’
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