Thursday, May 28, 2009

Orchard Road

Just went Robinson at Central Point look for some kitchen knifes. Thought I was quite long never been this part of Orchard Road. The Orchard Central Shopping Central which just opposite Central Point seems 95% done and some shops had been opened.Nice window decorations at Central Point.

DIY Altering

Just bought a jean today, they shop was provided free length alteration but need to wait for a week. Thought I just do it myself at home because I have the basic sewing machine! Heehee!I just sewed in zig-zag pattern so the folding part will be able to easily spoiled.Done in 20 minutes! Whew!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Children Party at Polliwogs

That was great to did a children party at Polliwogs which located at East Coast Park, (the old tennis court) near the Long Beach Restaurant and Wakaru Japanese Restaurant.Cute and nice designer mini size sofas!Don’t worry, my butt not that big! Heehee!My dinner at East Coast Park's JK Don Cuisine after work.Asahi Beer! Yes! Must have!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caricature at National Museum Events

I was engaged by an event company in-charge of caricature drawing today for the event at National Museum Singapore.That was really great to meet many friends in this event, one of it was Chong Jit Leong from Portrait Workshop (one of a famous professional portrait and caricaturist) who brought his family visited the museum’s this afternoon.

Isabelle Desjeux was in-charged one of the children workshop today.Diana in-charged stone painting workshop for children.Face painting!Sand art and Fun Bubbles supplied by Charlie and Carol.My lunch during break time.

Movie of Asoka

This is my first time to watch Indian movie titled “Asoka” by Bollywood, produced in 2001 from www.ppstream.con which in Chinese subtitled. (You can click here to see the movie cover)

After watched this movie, I love it! This movie had described the history of King Asoka of India which born in B.C.304.

In Asoka movie, the actress Kareena_Kapoor a.k.a Princess Kaurwaki was super beautiful! I like the romantic part of this historical movie very much, some traditional scene which the actress and the actor singing and dancing was produced and cast in MTV style, which really interesting to me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dumpling Festival II . 端午节

As per told by the organizer that there are a same event is running at my next another block, I just went to take a look. Ah! There are a ‘Getal’(歌台)(a singing performance stage) down here!“Getai” show usually only happened during Chinese seventh month or during some Chinese God’s birthday’s celebration, but nowadays, it became more popular in various type of celebrations and festivals in Singapore.
See! Everyone love to see Getai Show.Another beautiful singer was waiting foe her turn to present her songs.I found this ‘behind stage’ scene was very interesting!Hmmm…after I use “dramatically look” in my blog, I realised that many other blogger had copy this word in their blog as well, now I introduce “graphical look” to everyone, welcome t0 copy! Haahaa!

Dumpling Festival . 端午节

That was interesting that the resident committee and related authorities held some events during this Dumpling Festival tonight. I only realized it while I when down from my house to by newspaper and saw it at my opposite block. There's a singer entertaining the residents.As per ‘Dumpling Festival’, they had arranged someone demonstrate how to pack the dumpling in a traditional way. That was interesting!There are having Malay’s ‘Ketupak’ making.And Indian’s sort of traditional mini cake making (sorry I don’t know the name)Popcorn, sand art and related events activities.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition

Just went Asian Civilisations Museum today and see the Kangxi Emperor Exhibition, this is my second time went to this exhibition. I think I must see the great portrait drawing of the King Kangxi and related Manchurian king’s large size drawing, which most of them drawn and framed in about 4meter x 7meter !Most of this drawing was drawn in western style which you can see some three dimension background instead of the traditional Chinese painting style. Most of the painting was done by Giuseppe Castiglione (郎世宁). I can’t believe my eyes when the first time I seen it, because each of these portrait was spent few years to complete and the detail was unbelievable great! You really have to see by your own eyes! Yup, all of those portrait painting was original copies!

One of the artwork exhibited in this exhibition I loved very much was a gift that King Kangxi gave to his grand mother, which is a Chinese calligraphy “Heart Sutra” (般若波罗蜜多心经)written in gold pigment son paper, I found King Kangxi’s hand writing was real amazing, of course, that was the hand writing by the King!

There are many nice scenes surrounding Asian Civilisations Museum.The Fullerton Hotel just opposite.My favourite Nasi Lemak at Golden Show Hawker Centre.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Choo and Geen’s Acrobatic

I just came across Choo and Geen’s website ( which done by me very long ago. Thought I was not seeing them in the events recent years, maybe I not in the right time to meet them in the events or could be they had been retired or either keep doing their performance around the world.Talking about Choo and Geen, they are one of the longest and oldest acrobatic and magician in Singapore. If I am not wrong, My Choo is in his 66 and his wife in her 63 now. The last time I saw Choo and Geen about 2005, there are really fit and strong, much stronger than me! Haahaa! See their stunning performance you can proof it!

Paper Cutting

Just struggling of preparing some Chinese paper cutting for an coming event during the past 2 weeks. Doing a real Chinese paper cutting or related paper art, you need time and patients plus some cutting skills.In the paper cutting art, you need to present the nice design of the artworks, at least we need to apply some design especially the related traditional Chinese decoration patterns.

I had came across some complaint about some people just do cutting on the Chinese characters and they called it ‘Chinese Paper Cutting’, I had check which some seniors China artist and related reference books, none of them agree such cutting as Chinese Paper Cutting, unless the artist produce the Chinese character in paper cutting with some design and patterns like this (given by a senior paper cutting artist):

I just copied and did a sample which some event people and guests ever complained as ‘cheating’ Chinese paper cutting:As in a “Globalization” world nowadays, there are many people had been traveled to many countries and they had been seeing so many kind of artworks, as a professional artists we need to be always trying to improve ourselves, there are always having people can tell whether your skill is real of fake.
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