Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Dramatically Singapore

You won’t be surprise that you can see this scene in this small tropical country.You can even having chances to see the TV drama series directors doing their shooting down the street, hence you will be having chances to see models, actors or actress and some famous people which usually we can see on the newspaper or magazine on the street down here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roving Caricaturist

One of the important factors to work as an event artist was you needs to take note about the environment. Your working space could be very big (eg. On the football field) or it could be as small as in a restaurant or ballroom that the guests was sitting on the chairs set table by tables.

As a roving caricaturist’s demanded by the organizer, I like to work in a big space, because I like to work in a comfortable space.

Roving in a restaurant, not an easy job, event I had do experienced that since 1990, in 2009’s today, I still need to pay a lots of energy to handle such job carefully during the show time.

You must know where to start, when to pause you drawing while there are someone having a speech during the event. Other than that, you also need to know when to give way for the guests or waiter/ waitress walk pass you while you are roving to draw the sitting guests.

That is a big challenge within this 5minutes to draw a person that having the distraction of the guest being drawn was moving his or her head a lot / someone just walk pass between you and the guest being drawn and so fort….and make sure you drawing still looks alike and having a great resemblance you know…haahaa!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

F1 Night Race

Time flies as arrow, as per second time of night race of F1 in Singapore, you can see the F1 related promotion or advertisement was surrounding the street.

Just ion Orchard

That was a new and fresh feeling while I first went into ion Orchard shopping mall upper floor, it was a little bit ‘science-fi” and contemporary look.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Roving Caricaturist

I not sure whether roving caricaturist is the latest trend and demand in the market or not, but so far almost all my enquiry about my caricature service was roving job, maybe someday I should check with the caricaturists who are worked in this line that are much longer than me to see if this really the current trend.

In my experiences, if you want to work as event caricaturists, you hardly avoid doing roving job, unless you have a real big famous name that can made all the guests in the related events come to sit down on the chair right in front you and let you draw their face.

Once you asked to do roving caricature, you have to be compromised you are belonging to one of the servicing staffs in the event, how was the guests seeing you was depend on your luck; what I mean if you met a group of guest that respect you are a professional or a specialist, you sure can tell and feel it; else some will treat you as an waiter or waitress, hence, once you drawn them and give the drawing to them and they could made a bad comment about it, this is a realistic world.

At this moment, you hardly tell or show people how stunning your background an experiences are, because to such group of people you just a waiter or waitress.

(Photo taken in 1993 while I doing roving caricature in a Valentine day event at Raffles hotel if I am not wrong. I got hair during that time! Heehee!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roving Caricature Job

Do a birthday party at Shangri-la Hotel last week. As a professional event artist, you may need to prepare related tools while you do caricature in the related event, one of the common circumstances was client asked you to from doing stationary way to roving way, you properly need a drawing board to clip your paper to do it. For my case, I usually do black & white drawing, hence I just have a custom made waist pouch to put my wax pens and the plastic bag while asked to do roving way.

I think for those who draw in colors, they might need a special design costume or pouch with many portion that able to put their color drawing pens. In my view, that was not easy to do color drawing in a roving way.

Up to now, what I mentioned above is just the basic setting about roving caricature.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Key Chain Caricature Shrink Art

I had been a long time I did not have a chance doing shrink art caricature for key chain under event company.Basically, the process of such art craft was using a special plastic, we just draw something interesting on the surface then put it in a small toast oven in few minutes, and this special plastic will shrink down 50% and became hard, hence it is suitable to put in a key chain ring to make it into an interesting unique key chain.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Caricature at Jewel Box

Just did caricature for a private function at Jewel Box Singapore. I was long time did not doing event down there. To go to this place, other than driving up to the top of Mount Faber, you can also go by cable car.There were some models in-charge some games in the event.From Jewel Box, you can see the building of the casinos is in progress.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick shopping at ION Shopping Mall

Just when for a quick shopping at ion Orchard Shopping Mall today.The upper portion of its building almost completed.Wow! That was a 4 level downwards shopping!Just saw this “Food Opera” at the lowest level.Just tried the Pork Leg in this “Bxxxxxx Bak Kut Teh” outlet after I saw the nice food photo they displayed out.Looks nice!Ops! Didn’t know this “Pork Leg” is actually was a dish that only covered by the skin only, they named it “Pork Leg”!I like this display, it just similar to my caricature drawing style ;pI like to draw beautiful girl! Heehee!Cool Burger King outlook design in ion.Nice look food outlets!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bugis Street Area

Passing by the new shopping centre "illuma" at Bugis street today and had been attracted by the illustration deco of a new under construction shop.Illuma shopping centre having a unique building deco design.There are another eye catching building next to illuma.Just an interesting ‘prop’ appear while I taking this photo: a ref color coke delivery truck drive in and doing their unloading.I found that there are some more ‘Red Building’ around in Singapore, the Red Dot Design Museum is one of it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Singapore National Day Event

I was sad to say 09 Aug 09 Singapore’s 44th National Day I do not have any booking! Ouch! Hmm…thought that was too many competitors in the current event market and they had given a very low rate during this bad economy period.Phew! I got a booking today for Singapore’s National Day related event. Heehee!
There are games and balloonist in this event.
Singer Karen Lim is in this event!One of my young guest.My Most Senior guest!My Lunch of the day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Traffic Jam inside NTUC Ang Mo Kio HUB

I like to go Ang Mo Kio Hub’s NTUC super market to buy things, except the ‘Shopper’s busy hours” or during weekend unless no choice.During such timing, you can see really big crowd in the ground floor especially inside NTUC. Everyone believe they have a right to walk first, everyone believe other people should automatic give way to them.You can see the ‘trolley traffic jam’ down here, shopper who using trolley will take their own sweet time to push their trolley in the ‘middle of the road’, some people will anyhow park their trolley, it is a common scene you can see down here.
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