Thursday, May 29, 2008

Better Food!

I was surprised that can get this “Special offer breakfast set” in S$2.00 !! That’s was very nice. This shop can be found at Ang Mo Kio Central.

This lunch at the hawker centre, increased from S$2.50 to $2.70 liao! Still feel good because the dishes and the rice size still in big size, compared with my yesterday’s Nasi Lemak. Thought basically, everything price increased could be partly because the shop rental’s increasing.Leave me in peace, I am no interesting in and politics or competitions, just wanted to eat and then sleeps like this fat cats! If you wanted to win, you won, please put me in your “top loser” list. Haahaa!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

S$8.50 Nasi Lemak

Met friend at Vivo City and took this “Nasi Lemak” in one of the food court ay Vivo City, it cost me S$8.50 !!! Ouchi! Next time I better eat in the hotel or restaurant. No wonder nobody queue at this stall at all. I knew everything had been price rising a lot due to inflation, but this it really a surprise for me.

Ps. To the brother who copy my way of blogging, please do not hesitate to copy this picture or trace this picture then put in your blog, maybe next time I cen get cheaper Nasi Lemak, and you can get even cheaper Nasi Lemak at Far East Plaza. Haahaa!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Bosco’s Time!

That was great to see our famous Singapore’s fire eater in our entertainer industry became famous! I was so surprised when I read last Sunday’s newspaper that reported he was in famous Singapore movie director Eric Khoo’s film and being screening in Cannes! Congratulation to Bosco! Your future in brilliant and wish you the best! Don't forget about me Bos! I am that little caricaturist, haahaa!

Mark Making figure drawing

Did this series in Charcoal and mixed with pastel on print making paper. It done in Lasalle classroom many years ago, taught by Mr Shaun, a really good lecturer. Each these art piece was in size about 1 meter X less than 1 meter approximately. I scanned it and put 4 pieces artwork together, it looks interesting.We were trying to experiment on complex background and compositions to bring out the main composition to be highlighted.In higher level drawing, not just copy and paste, nothing concern about looks alike or not, it need to present your feeling, your energy, what impact you trying to bring out, not copy and paste or trace the drawing.

Figure drawing art pieces

I was long time did not do figure drawing due to busy working. Being a painting artist, one of the problems was how to keep your art pieces. I just re-arrange my figure drawing art pieces; recently, it was very headache how to keep those art pieces due to more and more art pieces growing, because I do not having a big house which having lots of space. Haa haa!Pastel portrait, did it about 3 years ago if not wrong at Yishun Community Centre; someone commented totally doesn’t looks like at all.My experimental mix media, abstract figure drawing, did it in La-Salle SIA, about 4 years ago, the size about something like 1 meter X less than 1 meter.Acyrlic + Pastel, about 1meter X less than 1 meter.

Monday, May 26, 2008

National Family Celebration Day

Did an event at Singapore Flyer for “National Family Celebration”. This is a very big event, The President and related ministers had been invited as guest of honors.I had been arranged in-charged roaming caricature drawing.This is my 3 minutes live drawing, according some caricaturist, this is “Welles’ fast but totally doesn’t looks alike drawing”, haa! haa!Ah! Great to see William Lee and Wilson Lee around as well!Beautiful face painter around! Unfortunate, no time to get her telephone number.. hope she still no boyfriend yet, heeehee!One of the balloonist was surrounded by the crowd.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Face Reading Class (Physiognomy Studies)

I had completed a face reading course (physiognomy) from Mastery Academy, taught by Master Joey Yap. It was great to know more new things and knowledge in my face studies, hence it improves my fortune telling skills and human faces observation method.I got classmate from Japan and France! Heehee!That wa s complex looked coffee machine in the class room, it tooks 20 minuntes for me to study how to use it.Ah! Just take the special packed coffee bag and insert into it then press button, thats' it. Very high-tech!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Props for event

Am I superheroes cartoonist? Nope! just a prop for the event’s theme which provided by the event company. There always unlimited stuffs to learn for being an artist in my view.

Another prop in a different event

Hip-Hop Dancing

I love hip-hop dancing, so I always like to watch that hip-hop performance in the event.

I ever did perform before! Hee! hee! It was really long time ago! Didn’t realize I was quite sometimes in the event industry! Now don’t think I will dance like that anymore, haahaa!
I came across a website that somebody put a drawing of mine in as his cover photo! Haahaa! It's my drawing in 1997! That's my skill level at 1997! Haa haa!see this link:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Caricature at Singapore Flyer at Mother’s day

This was my 3rd time doing caricature at Singapore Flyer. This time Singapore flyer had set up a stage for Mother’s day’s event, there was lots performance during this event.Balloonist was busy entertaining the public.Ah!My favourite hip-hop dancing performance!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Denpasar, Bali

When I first time arrived at Bali’s Denpasar airport custom, I saw this leaflet wooden rack that putting many tourism leaflets. It attracted my attention because its amazing sculptures decoration.I taken my lunch at Denpasar airport at the “Centre Prata Restaurant”, this “Kechap Chicken was really nice!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Caricature + Silhouette cutting

It was great to complete a job at Bali at Indonesia for my caricature + silhouette cutting booking. This is my first time to Bali and my working place was Conrad hotel. Bali was really nice! I love it very much, thought I will be going to Bali next time!I would say, this building was so dramatic and amazing!Heehee! Time to enjoy my lunch!
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