Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10th December, Friday, 6.30pm-7.30pm

10 December, Friday, 6.30pm-7.30pm is one of the super hot date and timing on the demand of live caricature drawing artists, seems whole Singapore Island was asking caricaturists in this date at timing.

As I mentioned, no matter how famous how high or how low rated you are, or how strong / how best / how top level you are, unfortunately you can do 1 show only at 1 place at 6.30pm-7.30pm (or 6.15pm-7.15pm / 7pm-8pm) for 1 event company only.

Even if the whole Singapore’s event companies request your service for the mentioned hot date and timing, you still only can go 1 place to do 1 show.

I already mentioned this in my posting in 2007. This is is what we need to compromising.

This is because live caricature drawing is a unique skill and people like it because it is an art, need a skillful professional to handle, not like other items eg.pop corn, as long you have the machine, you just send someone there and do it, no need and special skill to handle, hence the event manager categories a caricaturist as "Talent".

You might realized, you already booked for this date and timing, no matter how many event companies calling you, it doesn't mean you are damp good business or damp popular, is because there are so many last minuted client asking the event company provide this item, and you are only can do one show during 10 dec Friday 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

Clone as many of yourself so can do many jobs in different places at the same time?
Unless after that you can "join back" became 100% of you just like one of the "X-Men" Movie, otherwise, let say you cloned 5 of you, means you need buy 5 pack of paper, 5 time of transport fees and related expenses, it doesn't make sense right?

Lets Increase our Live Caricaturist Booking Rate for Event?

According the economy news, Singapore's economy was doing very well, that was really good news! Hopefully we getting more jobs coming in.

As an event entertainer, a caricaturist, I only know November and December is our peak booking period. After the peak period of November and December, maybe January, Caricature booking will be slowing down any will be slowly going back to the quiet period till the next school holiday period.

Thought many caricaturist was having many inquiries from many event companies and direct calling be various firms, in my personal view, and based past year's experience from 1990 till now, my conclusion as below:

Many companies was celebrating their dinner and dance during year-end, which are November and December, of course one of the pre-event (or Fringe art activity) which is Caricature service was became highly demand, it did not represent the market really have such huge demand during the future following months.

I don't have any obligation your guys can try to increase your caricature charging rate during this period. But do not forget there are more and more new caricaturists and new immigrant try their lower rate to share this cake as well.

Increase your services rate higher? It only suitable to peak period only, or unless you do it only for hobby, hence only high rate you then accept the job, or you might be someone famous and great reputation in the market, you only serve high-end clientele, meanwhile you can't take any lower rate job, it only spoiling your artistic reputation.

I believe there everyday in a year sure have celebrations and events in this First World Singapore, maybe it could be more and more?

The I don't think life drawing of caricature service only depend on certain period and also based on certain theme only.

During peak period, big volume of jobs were looking for artists to do, but during low booking seasons, that will be artist looking for job.

Try to train many caricaturists to feed the November and December (or January)'s need? Then all of us will be facing problem later. I had mentioned this in my previous posting before.

Increase caricature charging rate? I will do it during certain special day's only: XMas Eve, New Year's Eve, certain day of Chinese New Year, and some special and additional request for some special event.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Event at Pattaya, Thailand

That was real great I had a change doing a private event at Pattaya, Thailand! I was arrived Pattaya and manage to catch the Loy Krathong Festival.I bought this wishing flower at the beach side in 20bahts(about S$0.85), some of the wishing flowers could sell in to 60 to 100bahts or more.I booked Sunshine Hotel & Residence at Beach Road, Soi 8 which near to the beach.and realized there are so many pubs and bars extremely close to me hotel ;pMany girls was dressed traditional costume for Loy Krathong Festivaland busy taking photos.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Caricature at Regent Hotel Event

Did caricature in Charcoal requested by client for a dinner and dance.This is a "Fairy and Wonderland" theme eventEveryone was dressed in nice costume and taking glamorous shoot.The string quartet added up the great atmosphere of "Fairy and Wonderland" theme event, that was really nice!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A friend's Lion Dance School's Anniversary Dinner

Attended a friend's Lion Dance School's Anniversary Dinner and met some friends in the event line. It was also very interesting to watch the stage performance in in the event.Shi Chuan Opera Mask Changing performance always be the favorite for the guests.Luminous Dragon Dance!And the high difficulty type of lion dance performance.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roving Caricature Drawing for Event

Did a roving caricature for an dinner and dance in Marina Bay Sand recently and great so met some entertainers that I know.
Jeremy Pei doing his stage magic in the event, both us was busy working and don't have time to say hello ;p.Some photos at the shopping mall area.There were some roving performers around.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphers in Singapore

Since Singapore became a First World Country, thought our event company should be provide first world's quality event artists to entertain your guests in your event.

Due to we are having large amount of new immigrant an foreign talents who joint in the event and entertainment line, we should avoid any "Fake Talents" to prevent any embarrassing. I mean many events that having in Singapore, was having many foreigner guests, due to globalization, our foreigner guests might seen many artists in many different countries, hence if the event companies arranged cheap and/or fake artists, Foreigner guests will know it.

I am here to recommend 2 Chinese calligraphers which provided quality and real professional Chinese Calligraphy that can be trusted:

1. Yips Rainbow Calligraphy.
See: http://yipsrainbow.blogspot.com/
Yips Rainbow was new immigrant from Hong Kong and they was doing Chinese Calligraphy as family business. So many artist from China in Chinatown or China event artists was copying their writing styles. (but seems all artists from China who do events or in Chinatown failed to copy them, this is because Yip's Rainbow Calligraphy had created their original writing style through few generation already)
2. Lim's Rainbow Calligraphy
See: http://talentsdata.8m.com/limcalligraphy.htm Mr Lim who came from China had stayed in Singapore for many years. I think his work is great as well. He had been fully understood Singapore's culture as well, hence he work professionally.
Other than these 2 artists, I didn't see any quality Rainbow Calligrapher in the market so far. There do not have any Singaporean Rainbow calligrapher yet so far, I am very sure for this.

Therefore, the rest of the of the Rainbow Calligraphers all from China. Most of these China Rainbow Calligraphers was not up to quality standards, and high chances they will try collect money from the event guests even though they had been told not allow to collect money from the guests during their event booking hours.

Professional Rainbow Calligrapher that you wanted to hire for your event for no problem at all or just hire cheap and unfaithful Rainbow Calligraphers from China for your event that caused many problems and many embarrassing that spoil Singapore's reputation, that was up to your choice.

I just tell the truth and not to insult and offense any parties or races, I having many China professions friends including dancers from SDT, artists, some of my China teachers whose thought my many great things and etc.

So far, I only came across the real master Rainbow Calligraphers from China was during Chinese New Year's period, which arranged by the established shopping centers and in the yearly "River Angbao" events.

Your eyes will tell you how great these real Chinese professionals are, and showed what is real great artists from China, instead of current fake Rainbow Calligraphers whose surrounding in the event market and Chinatown in Singapore.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Are There Such A big Volume of Event Jobs?

Although Singapore became a First World country, although there were 2 big IR and casinos opened,technically there are more events happening in our country, do you think there are really huge volume of job and demands for event artists and entertainers?
It really depends.
If you are full time or part-time commercial dances, due to the highly occupied of the pubs/bars, you might be highly demand by the related firm. If you are an Mcee, and if you had been in the event industry for certain years, due to the job volumes increased and your income definitely increased as well.

Talking about fringe art event artists like henna artist, caricaturists, airbrush tattoo artist and etc, it depends on the relevant periods. As per my experiences since 1990 till now i which work as caricaturist, silhouette cutting and fortune telling, I am very sure that our job can't earned many million dollars per annual.

I believe whoever extreme progressive and enthusiastic new comers will realized this as well, it might help on a little bit of publicity your works, but it can't made you became a famous person or celebrities.

Due to globalization and the current amounts or new immigrants talents being here, it became much more competitive thus the pieces of cake you are getting was became smaller and smaller.

Another question: Are you being booked everyday for event jobs? Are you sure Singapore sure having events everyday that really need entertainers or event artists?
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