Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samsung Note Drawing

Did some digital drawing using Samsung Note which engaged by event company recently. There were 2 samples I did on the large size white board which provided by the client.
Some of my works
Drawing on Samsung Note is quite fun but you may need to practice it a little bit to obtain better result because you need to seek the right angle to hold the stylus pen so it can come out your expected drawing strokes, different than the feel of using Walcom pad drawing tools that link to the computer.
Just realised those phone cover that contain the magnetic button, it will affect the drawing strokes, I mean the stroke won't come out if the magnet is behind the phone.
I enjoy drawing on Samsung Note although the digital drawing require lots strength and energy to do it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My First Time In Thailand's New Year - Songkran Festival

Due to friend's invitation, I accompanied my friends to visit Bangkok for Songkran festival, which is my first time experience Thai's New Year down here. The actual Songkran Festival was started at 13 April but according my friends there were 2 famous clubbing places was having a per-celebration on 12 April about 2pm - 5pm Thailand Time. My friends lead me to one them: Soi Cowboy.
We arrived about 3pm Thailand time, We had get wet during when we went in this Soi (street), we quickly go in the shelter area of one pub to avoid the friendly and playful Thais keep pouring or shooting water on us by their water bucket or big sized water gun!Thais was super enjoy this festival down here with the traditional Thai music play in a loud volume, they just keep dancing and enjoying playing water.Beware this cute young boy, I was "shoot" by him and luckily had no die yet! Heehee!
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