Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Curry Chicken and Toasted eggs

Just cooked some curry chicken and toasted eggs for today, for the New Year eve!Haahaa! I Wish Everyone have a best 2009 New Year!

Fast Food

Passing by KFC and tried the “a.m.twister” breakfast, the taste was nice!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Event at Bukit Gombak

Did an event at Bukit Gombak area. I passed by Bukit Batok East Park and the lake area which also called “Little Guilin” which has a nice mountain along the lake, so just took some photos.I tried to frame this scene just like a painting.”Little Guilin’ is very nice! The area was quiet small, that’s why called “Little Guilin”.Two more 'painting' of mine, heehee!Just took this photo for Singapore’s Professional Dough Figurine Making Artist May Toh.

Dinner and Dance at Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore

That was great to do caricature at Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore.The hotel’s expend building still under construction. In fact, the whole Orchard still under construction and make over as well.Met The best display and presentation awarded Airbrush tattoo artists (awarded by me, hee hee!) Ivan and Lee Lee in the event, they treated my lots nice food in Ang Mo Kio after our show.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day the Flyer Stood Still

That was a surprised that the world's biggest wheel which in Singapore was down on last Tuesday night. The 42-storey Singapore Flyer is 165 metres (545 feet) high, 30 metres taller than Britain's London Eye, was expected to be open again next year’s February If I am not wrong as per news.The broke down of the Flyer affected she sales of the shops and restaurants that surrounding the Flyer, I am not sure whether the related events activities also been cancelled or delayed. I wish they will be repair the Flyer and can be open again as soon as possible, so the events will carry on, hence I got chance to be booked for my entertainment services as well! Hee hee!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Party

Did caricature drawing for a Christmas Party in a Community Center. That was great to meet the nice residents down there.Kiki Tay, one of the popular magicians was doing performance there!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cold and Rainy day Morning

24th Dec is the eve day of Christmas, that was a rainy day in Singapore, a country that locator in equator that never would have snow. Maybe the rainy day down here can be considered as ‘snowing’ during Christmas Eve, heehee!

That was just nice for me to cook the New Zealand frozen Green Mussel which brought from the supermarket! Hia hia hia!I just follow some instruction from the package and add some simple ingredients: I added de-frozen the mussels and put them in the aluminum container, then put some garlic on top of each mussels follow by dropping some white wine on each of them.Then wrap with aluminum foil and put in me snack oven for about 15miuntes (you micro oven other type oven might be various)
Here you go! Lets enjoy these green mussels in the Christmas Eve morning and wish everyone who dropped by my blog have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Foreign Yuppies

Passing by Bugis St Area and saw these foreign Yuppies doing street art for some music performance, whether having busking license or not nobody will care.

Are they from China? Tibet? Nepal? Myamar? Thailand? But obviously they are sure from asian country, haahaa!

From their stylo looks that should be crowded with people, but unfortunately, I have not seen and hear any proper music playing by them after 20minutes wait and see what is happening; even after doing my stuffs in one hour later and passing by this mrt entrance again, still seeing them doing ‘adjusting the tune of the music instrument’ action, never play any proper music or song at all! Oh?

They were some local busking artist who playing music, most of them is blind and some was disabilities, there ware a group of young percussionists playing drums and usually can be found during weekend in orchard Road.

Fastest Body Painting Artist In Singapore

Met Ms Chan Mee Lee in one of the Christmas Party that was so surprised she did the body painting for the children in very very short time! Talking about speed, some artist will provide speed artworks but in low or bad quality, but for Ms Chan Mee Lee, I found that her artwork was really nice and quality! Just having same concepts as me: “Minimum working duration, Maximum quality!” which means produce the best quality products that within a shortest time frame as possible; haahaa!

Hmm..I think if you want quality face painting and body art, she is one good choice, I did not know her charging, I am not an agent, haahaa!.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lezard Cheung’s Art

That was great to meet Lezard during the event last week. I know Lezard more than 6 years if I am not wrong, and I know he is very good in Henna Painting, glitter tattoo and recently doing airbrush tattoo as well.

I thought I also can do henna painting but my strength was not there, haahaa! Glitter tattoo may be can, but I thing for event that’s was enough for me to do caricature, silhouette cutting and fortune telling for commercial events; especially the fortune telling, it always need to involve in many reading upgrade and research to obtain the best level I can.

Besides that, Lezard had won a champion in singing competitions before, he especially goon in Cantonese song and he also a famous in singing Hong Kong famous Star Anita Mui Songs, so he had been named as ‘Singapore’s Anita Mui’.I seen him doing the ‘Anita Mui’ show once so far, that was very funny and interesting, and he really funny and great in his comedy drag show.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Salmon Sushi

Delicious Salmon Sushi!Wait! Don’t eat first!It is USB Drive!!! I bought this ‘Salmon Sushi’ because it was very real! Haahaa!See this website for the photos:

I am not selling anything here, just for a fun view, heehee!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Caricature at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

That was great to do caricature at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for TMAP’s Dinner and dance. All the guests was friend and sporty and energetic.Nice Christmas Decorations!>The Fullerton Hotel Singapore building was a historical nice building!Nice Trees deco!

Chinese Seal Carving Demostration

Just met Mr Lee Boon Chai who do Chinese Seal Carving last week in the event , I think Chinese Seal Carving demonstration is also one of the good choice for cultural events like Chinese new Year related, besides doing seal carving, he also do calligraphy on Chinese Fan because Mr Lee owning an antique shop at Chinatown point and having Chinese fan for the events.You can find Mr Lee Boon Chai at:

May Toh’s Chinese Doll Figurine

Just mentioned Chinese flour doll figurine May Toh 2 days ago and yet I met her in the Christmas party today. May’s flour doll figurine was really having good quality that the flour she made was long lasting for many years and her artwork was very nice I ever seen for event demos.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yong Cheong Thye’s Art

Another Singaporean artist I know was Mr.Yong who do artist management many years ago, appear in today’s new paper about his Chinese calligraphy art articles. Mr.Yong is also one of the famous Chinese calligraphers in Singapore, I was quiet some time did not see him since last years’ event that I been hired by him as an silhouette artist. I can’t make it to say hello everytime I passing by his antique shop at Chinatown.
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