Saturday, March 28, 2009

Event at Secondary School

Did caricature and silhouette cutting for a school funfair at Pasir Ris area today. I met Ivan and Lee Lee in the event.( was doing Wire crafts.Ivan’s brother and Lee Lee was doing airbrush tattoo.One my cute and beautiful young guest! Thought she got perfect nice profile as well!

Fishing Pond at Pasir Ris Town Park
I just passing by Pasir Ris Town Park while I on the way back and found this fishing pond around here! Thought I was so long never passing by this place, I guest at least 2 years! Haahaa!You just need to pay certain amount and you can enjoy whole day fishing down here. (If I am not seeing wrongly, that should be S$78 from 9a.m. to 7p.m.)Great lifestyle!You can enjoy some foods here as well! Sorry, I don’t think they are selling Tiger Prawn. Heehee!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Tempura Meal

Bought a Japanese Tempura Flour, just want to try some new dish today. I bought a pack of frozen squid ring, some Binjal, Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper.This is my first time buying these although I had eaten both red and yellow pepper before.That was very interesting to me.My Japanese Tempura Meal!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Event at Marina Barrage Singapore

I felt great to have a chance involved in the event at Marina Barrage Singapore last Saturday. That was my first time being here.I like this place because the building itself was well designed and having a very nice scene surrounding it.You can see the new casino, the flyer and Singapore’s Financial District just opposite it.I usually do not draw two person in one drawing, but for this special event, there are an exception. Haahaa!There was a rain in between the event.I found this scene looks a bit like Batman movie’s ‘Gotham City’! heehee!Rest at the top of the Marina Barrage building, chit chat with friends, picnic with family or friends or do some kite flying is a great activities. You can enjoy the freedom as well as viewing the nice scene down here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

China Chinese’s Rainbow Calligraphy

Taking about Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, I would say Yip’s Rainbow Calligraphy is the first Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher in Singapore if I am no wrong, basically, there are no Singaporean Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy in Singapore up to today, if you can find it, I believe there are new migrant especially from China.

The different of the Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy with Yips’ Rainbow Calligraphy was China Chinese’s Rainbow Calligraphy was always written in bigger size about at least 1 feet by ½ feet or bigger.I would like to say, in Singapore’s Chinatown, if Dorby Yip and Angela’s Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy represent Hong Kong style's Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, then Ren Yin Yin will be represent China style's Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy in Chinatown.

Rainbow Calligraphy

While people asking me to recommend Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher, I always recommend Yips Rainbow Calligraphy which are Dorby Yip and Angela. (see : only me will recommend their Rainbow Calligraphy service for event’s fringe art and related activities, there are many quality event companies and clients was asking for them.The reason was because of Dorby Yip and his wide Angela produced high quality Rainbow Calligraphy. Another reason is even though they having shops in DSF and Chinatown in Singapore based, they are from Hong Kong; their unique calligraphy style was created by their family business. (see

Fortune Telling at Sheraton Tower

I always enjoy being a fortune teller in the event because I can meet many kinds of people. I see unlimited type of faces for my face reading and unlimited of types palms for palm reading. Fortune telling to me is science, a statistics, an art, a unlimited philosophy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Crowded Saturday

While I went to the event yesterday at Millennium Walk which next to Suntec City, I just walk from City Hall MRT station through the road surface instead of the underpass; because due to the yearly PC shows in Suntec City which attracted lots of people, when I reach City Hall MRT station, I saw the control station area had been extremely crowded of people, that was very difficult to walk through the City Link under pass. Thought Singapore government had been successfully making the population growth to their desirable amount.Suntec City area was having heavy traffic and crowded.I was regretted using the City Link underpass while the way I back home to take the MRT from City Hall MRT station.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jitterbugs 5th Birthday Bash at Millennium Walk

Just went Millennium Walk to support my friends’ dance performance in “Jitterbugs 5th Birthday Bash” after my caricature job.I would like to say, their dance movement was really sharp and great! I was so exited and wish I can join them. Thought must reduce my high cholesterol food first! Haahaa!Belly dance Master Belinda was in the event as well!Jitterbugs Dance Studio having many kinds of dance lessons! Sexy pole dance performance!!! Heehee!That was really amazing that in this event, Jitterbugs present a unique story based pole dance that a little young dancer dance with an adult dancer, I felt that this dance performance really artistic and felt like a contemporary dance or ballet dancing; you will be fill the same if you was in this event as well. I give 100 marks for it!!! Hee hee!Hip-hop or funks!And more like salsa, ballroom dance and etc.
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