Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Earlier Coming Chinese New Year in 2012

That will be many events activities and promotions during Chinese New Year period, especially the weeks before Chinese New Year.

The 2012's Chinese New Year was happened in a really early date, which at 23th January 2012 (first of Chinese New Year) instead of every years' about 4th-6th February for first day of Chinese New year.

Meanwhile, there were really less than a month for and Chinese New Year related commercial activities to be held. If look around around, you will noticed that on the 2nd day of the Christmas Day, you starting to hear many shopping mall playing Chinese New Year related theme songs and the decoration worker was rushing to put on Chinese New Year related decorations.

We only got about 21 days left for related Chinese New Year theme stuffs promotion since 2012's Chinese New Year Eve fall on 22nd January 2012. It became very tight schedule for all the related event set up.

Many event companies was really busy planning and preparing for Chinese New Year related event at least few weeks ago before Christmas Day I guests.

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