Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Entertainer Who perform using only Microphone: Comedian and Music Instrument Performance using Special Skill

Beside Emcee and singers who using their talking/ conversations or speech skills during the events, I met 2 special entertainers recently, they are using their special skill to present their talent through microphone; the first one I like to highlight is Charles Beatboxer.

Charles, is an entertainer who able to create many different sound of music instrument by using his mouth through the microphone.

I had seen Charles performing in Orchard road many times and met him so many times in many events but no chance to see his stage performance due to always rushing for other shows or appointment after the job done for the event booking.

I had seen Charles' performing in Orchard few times, then few years later, which I met him during a company's Xmas party weeks ago, I found his skill really improved a lot and having fantastic performance.

Charles had combine some songs in his "Music instrument playing simulated by mouth", meanwhile he was singing and play the "music instrument by mouth" at the same time! The was gorgeous! I believe he had a real bright future ;p

Another great Comedian i came across just few days ago was this Caucasian (ang mo) who performing at "The Loof" for a company's annual dinner.

His great stunning skill was he can speak so many local language like Hokien, Mandarin, Thai Language and etc. If you hear him speak Thai without seeing his face, you might though just a thaiees speaking, if you hear him speaking indian language without seeing his face, you can;t believe he is an "Ang mo"! ...that kind of level! Haahaa! What a talent!

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