Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tablet PC Symptom

Due to the popularity of tablet PC, more and more people using it as a communication tools, due it many of the tablet PC unable to use as a phone that allow it to perform sending SMS like normal mobile phone, it made more people communicate with each other through email; this is my observation and experience within the pass 6 months.

Seems is was a trend that change many people's behavior in communication.

In my view, seems anyone of us who had not have any tablet PC yet, should try our best to check our email as often as possible to avoid any job taken delay and related stuffs that cause us having an unexpected "slow reaction" to reply our clients or friends in such circumstances.

Thought the popularity usage of tablet PC is because it was very easy to use especially for those who no computer literacy (especially for elder group) and also due to the light weight of this device.

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