Friday, January 21, 2011

Roving Caricaturist

Studio caricaturist which work in studio or art workshop or gallery, it totally different from an event caricaturist. Because in the studio, the caricaturist only serving individual customer in live drawing or draw from photos. They can use whatever tools like easel or table and sit in a comfortable way as they like while working on the drawing.

Event caricaturist, which work as an artist who need to entertain immediate and unpredictable crowd in the event like family day, dinner and dance, product launch and etc.

As an event caricaturist, sometime we unable to know whether the event we are doing surely having proper setting like providing table and chairs for us or not; I had experience many times that the event venue totally do not have any proper setting, it forcing us do our caricature drawing in a roving way.

Sometime you have to start to do your caricature drawing in the indicated time frame to meet the schedule of the event or it could be because you have to finished your drawing session on the dot which allow you to rush to another event booking, it made you having no choice to start your drawing in a roving way as well.

Some venue, like some pub do not have suitable table and chairs for you to set your drawing corner, or the organizer want all artists entertain the guests in a dynamic way, that also part of the reason that caused us do our caricature in a roving way. As a experienced and professional event caricaturist, you have to know how to handle such unpredictable situation, thus, you must be able to be flexible and having proper tools to handle it.

Am I right to say : A professional event caricaturist, should be able to handle any or many difference kind of situation to make the event or our program run smoothly?

Hence, can I say: "A Professional Caricaturist" is totally different from "A Professional Event Caricaturist"?

Because "A Professional Caricaturist" or a caricaturist who work in studio or gallery, never ever need to handle or facing such problem at all.

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