Friday, January 14, 2011

Bangkok Trip

Just back from Thailand, Bangkok trip yesterday, and I was really enjoy this trip because it was my really first proper tour in Bangkok with friends.We just met the "Red Shirt" people seized some main road while we on the way to our hotel. We were quite scared but it is actually a peaceful new year party gathering for them and only happeded on last Sunday 9th Jan, one only, phew..!.There are some stalls selling red shirt, photos and food as well during this big gathering, we did not ever think about we are passing between them during this holiday occasion ;pMy first time taking "Tuk Tuk" Taxi,they can drive very fast and squeeze between the gabs of 2 vehicles to keep driving to the destination, you will feel a bit dangerous if you are first time taking it, but you will found it quite interesting after a while. Thought it was safer than taking "Motorcite" which is mean Motorcycle Taxi.

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