Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 New Year!

Happy New Year to Everybody! Time flies as arrow, this is my going to number 21 year work as event artist! Haahaa! I start to draw caricature from many hair until all my hair dropped! Haa haahaa!I would like to said Thank You for all the people and event companies who giving me many job in the past, and whoever supported and appreciated my art ;p and whoever to given me comments to help me to improving my events handling and drawing skill levels. I will keep do in my best whenever I at work ;p
Just found that my very 1st show is not doing caricature, but is start for a company's stage performance.
Of course, I started to draw during event at the same year after that show ;p
Thought the pioneer caricaturists during that period was including Einstien, Syed and Eric Ng who always wear a red artist hat during the event.

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