Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lets Increase our Live Caricaturist Booking Rate for Event?

According the economy news, Singapore's economy was doing very well, that was really good news! Hopefully we getting more jobs coming in.

As an event entertainer, a caricaturist, I only know November and December is our peak booking period. After the peak period of November and December, maybe January, Caricature booking will be slowing down any will be slowly going back to the quiet period till the next school holiday period.

Thought many caricaturist was having many inquiries from many event companies and direct calling be various firms, in my personal view, and based past year's experience from 1990 till now, my conclusion as below:

Many companies was celebrating their dinner and dance during year-end, which are November and December, of course one of the pre-event (or Fringe art activity) which is Caricature service was became highly demand, it did not represent the market really have such huge demand during the future following months.

I don't have any obligation your guys can try to increase your caricature charging rate during this period. But do not forget there are more and more new caricaturists and new immigrant try their lower rate to share this cake as well.

Increase your services rate higher? It only suitable to peak period only, or unless you do it only for hobby, hence only high rate you then accept the job, or you might be someone famous and great reputation in the market, you only serve high-end clientele, meanwhile you can't take any lower rate job, it only spoiling your artistic reputation.

I believe there everyday in a year sure have celebrations and events in this First World Singapore, maybe it could be more and more?

The I don't think life drawing of caricature service only depend on certain period and also based on certain theme only.

During peak period, big volume of jobs were looking for artists to do, but during low booking seasons, that will be artist looking for job.

Try to train many caricaturists to feed the November and December (or January)'s need? Then all of us will be facing problem later. I had mentioned this in my previous posting before.

Increase caricature charging rate? I will do it during certain special day's only: XMas Eve, New Year's Eve, certain day of Chinese New Year, and some special and additional request for some special event.

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