Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphers in Singapore

Since Singapore became a First World Country, thought our event company should be provide first world's quality event artists to entertain your guests in your event.

Due to we are having large amount of new immigrant an foreign talents who joint in the event and entertainment line, we should avoid any "Fake Talents" to prevent any embarrassing. I mean many events that having in Singapore, was having many foreigner guests, due to globalization, our foreigner guests might seen many artists in many different countries, hence if the event companies arranged cheap and/or fake artists, Foreigner guests will know it.

I am here to recommend 2 Chinese calligraphers which provided quality and real professional Chinese Calligraphy that can be trusted:

1. Yips Rainbow Calligraphy.
Yips Rainbow was new immigrant from Hong Kong and they was doing Chinese Calligraphy as family business. So many artist from China in Chinatown or China event artists was copying their writing styles. (but seems all artists from China who do events or in Chinatown failed to copy them, this is because Yip's Rainbow Calligraphy had created their original writing style through few generation already)
2. Lim's Rainbow Calligraphy
See: Mr Lim who came from China had stayed in Singapore for many years. I think his work is great as well. He had been fully understood Singapore's culture as well, hence he work professionally.
Other than these 2 artists, I didn't see any quality Rainbow Calligrapher in the market so far. There do not have any Singaporean Rainbow calligrapher yet so far, I am very sure for this.

Therefore, the rest of the of the Rainbow Calligraphers all from China. Most of these China Rainbow Calligraphers was not up to quality standards, and high chances they will try collect money from the event guests even though they had been told not allow to collect money from the guests during their event booking hours.

Professional Rainbow Calligrapher that you wanted to hire for your event for no problem at all or just hire cheap and unfaithful Rainbow Calligraphers from China for your event that caused many problems and many embarrassing that spoil Singapore's reputation, that was up to your choice.

I just tell the truth and not to insult and offense any parties or races, I having many China professions friends including dancers from SDT, artists, some of my China teachers whose thought my many great things and etc.

So far, I only came across the real master Rainbow Calligraphers from China was during Chinese New Year's period, which arranged by the established shopping centers and in the yearly "River Angbao" events.

Your eyes will tell you how great these real Chinese professionals are, and showed what is real great artists from China, instead of current fake Rainbow Calligraphers whose surrounding in the event market and Chinatown in Singapore.

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