Monday, November 1, 2010

Are There Such A big Volume of Event Jobs?

Although Singapore became a First World country, although there were 2 big IR and casinos opened,technically there are more events happening in our country, do you think there are really huge volume of job and demands for event artists and entertainers?
It really depends.
If you are full time or part-time commercial dances, due to the highly occupied of the pubs/bars, you might be highly demand by the related firm. If you are an Mcee, and if you had been in the event industry for certain years, due to the job volumes increased and your income definitely increased as well.

Talking about fringe art event artists like henna artist, caricaturists, airbrush tattoo artist and etc, it depends on the relevant periods. As per my experiences since 1990 till now i which work as caricaturist, silhouette cutting and fortune telling, I am very sure that our job can't earned many million dollars per annual.

I believe whoever extreme progressive and enthusiastic new comers will realized this as well, it might help on a little bit of publicity your works, but it can't made you became a famous person or celebrities.

Due to globalization and the current amounts or new immigrants talents being here, it became much more competitive thus the pieces of cake you are getting was became smaller and smaller.

Another question: Are you being booked everyday for event jobs? Are you sure Singapore sure having events everyday that really need entertainers or event artists?

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