Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fortune Teller for Events

Fortune telling is one of the popular pre event booking items.
Basically, it can be categorized in 2 types:
which more belonging Western type or either Eastern type.

For western type, Numerology, Tarot Card reading, Crystal, Crystal stone reading is commonly seen. Tea leaf fortune telling as you seen in Harry Potter movie which I had ever seen was done by Angela Yip so far.

Renae's tarot card and numerology fortune telling.Paul's Crystal stone reading.
Graphology, which commonly known as Hand writing Character Analysis is one item that people thought it belonging to fortune telling category but it actually not, it belonging to statistic type of human character analysis according the graphologist, it is Science, claimed by them.

For eastern type, Palm reading is of the common item.
The latest eastern type fortune telling which I seen in recent years including ‘Yi Jing’ or ‘E Jing’ (易经)fortune telling, Chinese poker card reading during pre events, as I know, specialist who doing event is rare, not because having rare master, but related master who can speaking English is rare due to conversation in English is essential during the event booking.

Most of the eastern type fortune telling was commonly seen in the ‘Shanghai Theme’, “Eastern Theme’, Chinese Culture theme and Chinese New Year period.

One of the unique eastern type can be seen is the Indian Parrot‘s Card ‘fortune telling, which the Indian master will get his Parrot pick one of the pre-written fortune telling card on the table to the Indian master (its owner), the card being picked was your fortune of the day ;p
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