Friday, November 20, 2009

Taxi Driver Who Did Not Know The Road

I am not sure whether I don't have luck to take the right taxi, that was very high chances the taxi I took always who do not know the road and drive to the wrong place.

Due to my job, I need to take taxi often, so based past bad experiences, I always have my map with me and recently I even bought the Navigator device.

Unfortunately, many lousy taxi driver who seems not living in Singapore always drive to the wrong place or told me never heard the road name before, that was really a Big Big shame of them.

If you say I might having poor expression or bad conversation, then if I SHOW THE PRINTED MAP + NAVIGATOR WITH VOICE ASSISTS, can they still unable to drive to the destination?

It happened to night! This taxi driver told me he stay in Clementi, while I tole him I wanted to go Kent Ridge Crescent and go in by Clementi Road, but he drove me to west coast road, he insist not look at my map and the Navigator's guide, end up went to the wrong place again and again!

It really 'impress' the tourists who came to Singapore, a world class and famous branded Singapore!

I hope the related firm should do something about this.
Hardly understand what wrong with these group taxi driver who do not know the road.

The real professional I ever met which he really tried his best call up his friend or colleagues to guide him how to drive to the destination I required, unfortunately I had not met the second one who do this since 2 years ago.

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