Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roving Caricature Job

Did event yesterday night at Zouk.That was a nice place!One of my friend was caught using the roving caricature gear exactly same as Mr Kamal Dollah's gear set! Heehee!I think that was a good idea that using such gear that originally invent by Mr Kamal Dollah (if I am not guess wrongly), he is one of Singapore's famous and International Accredited top rated caricaturist. I believe you can really safe lots energy by using it. But I think for those who drive, is quiet good to carry this gear.

For my case, I do not drive, so I still prefer using my drawing board that support by my fat stomach whenever I do roving caricature! Heehee! ...and hope using my fat stomach to support my drawing board can help to burn more fat! Hiahiahia!

Just my dinner with friends!


ChocoDisco said...

liking your blog lots! food picutres look awesome! i can't wait to visit singapore and try all the tasty food woop =D

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