Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roving Caricaturist

One of the important factors to work as an event artist was you needs to take note about the environment. Your working space could be very big (eg. On the football field) or it could be as small as in a restaurant or ballroom that the guests was sitting on the chairs set table by tables.

As a roving caricaturist’s demanded by the organizer, I like to work in a big space, because I like to work in a comfortable space.

Roving in a restaurant, not an easy job, event I had do experienced that since 1990, in 2009’s today, I still need to pay a lots of energy to handle such job carefully during the show time.

You must know where to start, when to pause you drawing while there are someone having a speech during the event. Other than that, you also need to know when to give way for the guests or waiter/ waitress walk pass you while you are roving to draw the sitting guests.

That is a big challenge within this 5minutes to draw a person that having the distraction of the guest being drawn was moving his or her head a lot / someone just walk pass between you and the guest being drawn and so fort….and make sure you drawing still looks alike and having a great resemblance you know…haahaa!

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