Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day of Passing by Orchard Road

Just did palm reading for a dinner and dance at in the hotel at Orchard area.I know the traffic light at road surface for pedestrian who walk from right outside Orchard MRT to Wheelock Place had been closed and everyone have to use the underpass between the new shopping mall ION and Wheelock place. So everyone who is first times came out from Orchard MRT station was very confused, because they do not know the right direction to go to their destination, so do I.

In this so call international standard famous country, seems don’t have any officer to guide you how to use this new underpass, I just remember a comedian in an event said: “Too many people too little time, the entire officer was too busy for everything.” Haaha!

So if you are really in a hurry, for the time being if you want to go Hilton Hotel of forum or Orchard Hotel area, you should use the exit at Shaw Tower.

If you use the exit wrongly, you may take a long time to reach the other side (Wheelock Place) event it just need 5mins walk before this underpass opened.
I was unlucky took the wrong escalator, it brought me to the 4 or 5 level downward bottom floor of ION shopping mall, I unable to walk on the escalator, because the shopping mall’s escalator was moving quite slow compared with MRT’s escalator, moreover, got this kissing couple’s blocking ;(No matter how, someday I will arrange some time to take a shopping in this new ION shopping mall.

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