Friday, August 21, 2009

Roving Caricaturist

I not sure whether roving caricaturist is the latest trend and demand in the market or not, but so far almost all my enquiry about my caricature service was roving job, maybe someday I should check with the caricaturists who are worked in this line that are much longer than me to see if this really the current trend.

In my experiences, if you want to work as event caricaturists, you hardly avoid doing roving job, unless you have a real big famous name that can made all the guests in the related events come to sit down on the chair right in front you and let you draw their face.

Once you asked to do roving caricature, you have to be compromised you are belonging to one of the servicing staffs in the event, how was the guests seeing you was depend on your luck; what I mean if you met a group of guest that respect you are a professional or a specialist, you sure can tell and feel it; else some will treat you as an waiter or waitress, hence, once you drawn them and give the drawing to them and they could made a bad comment about it, this is a realistic world.

At this moment, you hardly tell or show people how stunning your background an experiences are, because to such group of people you just a waiter or waitress.

(Photo taken in 1993 while I doing roving caricature in a Valentine day event at Raffles hotel if I am not wrong. I got hair during that time! Heehee!)
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